Art Subject Network Group


DateLocationKey Priorities
16 April 2018Coleshill SchoolModeration
2 July 2018Erasmus DarwinKS3/KS5 Schemes of Learning
17 October 2018
6 February 2019
5 June 2019

At the Arthur Terry National Teaching School we have a hub of a range of subject network groups.

The Subject Network Groups are a form of free, collaborative CPD available to teachers to help improve communication between subject departments around the local area. The broad remit of the groups is to increase enjoyment, attainment and achievement of students within their own schools and other member schools through effective and purposeful collaboration.

Membership is open to any teachers within the West Midlands area willing to travel and take an active role in the business of the group. There are no restrictions on numbers and membership to the group is on a voluntary and no fee basis and hence membership to the group is continuous unless a member is inactive for a significant period of time or requests to no longer be involved.

The aim is to ensure there are 3 meetings per year, 1 in the Autumn Term, 1 in the Spring Term and 1 in the Summer Term. Over time meetings should be held at a range of member schools on a voluntary basis.


If you wish to attend any of these groups, please email Jo Ann Murphy at