100% Attendance

A special mention must go to Charlie Capnerhurst Barker for his outstanding attendance. As Charlie approaches the end of Y11 we are proud to announce that Charlie has been at school every day for the whole of his school career. We are delighted to share this fantastic achievement with you and wish Charlie the very best of luck as he completes his exams. We are certain that his continued efforts throughout school and in life will pay off on results day.

When asked how Charlie was feeling about his achievement he said “he was very proud of himself”. He said he come to school every day because life is important, and he wants to get the most out of life. His attitude to school he said had taught him “perseverance”. He said if you miss school “you miss out”.

Charlie talked about life at Arthur Terry. He said he had enjoyed school, he had made some great friends commenting on the value of friendship.

The last two years have seen him prepare for his GCSEs and he highlighted Business with Mr Daniel and Maths with Mr Johal as something he especially looked forward too. When asked what he will miss most, he said, he had made so many friends and that going from “a big family” of people moving on to post 16 choice will be hard, but he said he is ready to start “earning whilst he’s learning”.

Deputy Headteacher, Sam Kibble said “We are incredibly proud of Charlie and his fantastic achievement of attending school every day for five years. This demonstrates Charlie’s resilience and determination to succeed at school and we look forward to celebrating his exam results in the summer”.

From all the staff and students at Arthur Terry well done on your fantastic achievement, we wish you well in all your future endeavours.