July 2011

School Communication As a school working towards World Class, Arthur Terry is continually looking for ways to improve communication with parents. You may have noticed that the school has been trialling a product called “Groupcall” which allows the school to text and more importantly email correspondence home to parents. Some parents will already have received letters by email, for example, about a school trip. In the last six months a real effort has been made to collect email addresses and the schools research shows that many parents prefer to have information sent to them electronically because it was found to be really useful. It is encouraging to see the amount of parents and carers who now use email as their preferred method of communication and in keeping with our mission to cut down on waste and the excessive over use of paper the school would like your support with the introduction of this change from September 2011 as our main means of home school communication. It is recognised at all levels that the success of the school is not only down to the excellent teaching; it is also down to the ongoing parental support and feedback that helps, overall, with school improvement. Introducing a paperless approach to communication with parents is believed to be a more reliable and prompt method of getting information home enabling parents to receive messages and important correspondence instantly. As well as the increased use of email our website https://www.arthurterry.bham.sch.uk/ has developed enormously and the school uses this as another main source of communication. This change is not exclusive and it is recognised that in some cases parents do not have access to email or the internet, in which case the information will be handed to the student or posted home. If you have any questions about this please contact lmeade@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk. It is essential that the school continues to monitor efficiency and effectiveness of school procedures including home school communication. We look forward to the introduction of this initiative whilst continuing to provide an effective learning and teaching environment where students’ individual needs are met and everyone achieves. Year 8 HPV vaccination programme. We are hosting the HPV vaccination programme at school from next September. The year 7 girls have been given information from the North Birmingham Health Trust during an assembly on 1 July. Please return the consent forms to school by 15 July. Appointments will be made for students between 2:30 – 4:30 in school on 5 September when nurses from the Birmingham Community Healthcare trust, immunisation team will be here. The first vaccination takes place in Year 8 on their first day back 5 September. Birmingham Community healthcare have given information to the girls and a consent form for the vaccination. If you have any question about this you should contact them directly 1st vaccine 5th September 2011 2nd vaccine 7th November 2011 Mop up 12th December 2011 3rd vaccine 26th April 2012 Dates for your Diary Year 9 Enterprise Day Friday 8th July Year 10 Work Experience Monday 4th July to Friday 15th July Year 11 into 12 Induction Day Tuesday 5th July Year 11 into 12 Parents Information Evening Tuesday 5th July 6.30pm to 7.30pm Year 6 Induction Wednesday 6th July Induction Day Wednesday 13th July Parents Information Evening 6.30pm to 7.30pm Thursday 14th July Uniform Evening 4.30pm to 6.30pm Year 5 Cluster Days Thursday 7th July and Friday 8th July Lunch Time Supervisor Vacancy We are currently have two vacancies, commencing September 2011. The hours are Term Time Only, 12.20 – 1.30pm. If you are interested or require futher information, please contact: Tricia Davies, lunch time manager, on 0121 323 2221 Forthcoming trips/events Year 7 Multicultural Days 4th July B Block 5th July A Block Multi Cultural Days at Arthur Terry are a chance for students to have an experience of learning outside the classroom to show links between different subjects. Since the introduction of the English Baccalaureate where a GCSE in a Modern Foreign Language, and Geography or History is required, languages and Humanities have become even more important for our students. As part of the Multi-Cultural Day, students will engage in events that really bring multiculturalism to life! This year’s theme – The Americas, looks set to get students thinking outside the box. Just some of the many events on offer throughout the day include salsa dancing, teepee building, South American creation myths uncovered, French cookery, Coca Cola vs Pepsi challenge! Get ready for a fantastic multicultural day at Arthur Terry! History and Geography Tipi – Tip Challenge How everybody!?! That’s the very starting point of what will be a fantastic Native American experience in History and Geography. The challenge will be to make your very own Tipi out of anything you can lay your hands on just like the Native Americans used to do all those many years ago. How I hear you ask? Well with the incentive of prizes for the best Tipi and by working in creative groups with a bag of scrap the opportunities are endless so get those thinking hats on! See you all next Monday and Tuesday for the big build! Tipi Top Tips Assign a group leader who will keep an eye on the time and make sure everyone in the group knows what they are doing. Use the information you are given to make sure your Tipi is historically and geographically accurate. Think outside the box and let your creativity run wild! RE Drama Through the collaboration of RE Drama students will create and perform Creation Plays inspired by the various peoples of the Americas both past and present! This is an opportunity for students to practise their drama skills and to reflect upon some of the most important questions of existence ever asked by human beings! Social Science Department Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Or behave the way they do, for example, in class? Why is it that we forget? In the Social Science Department students can take part in the scientific study of people in our society and find answers and develop more questions about our understanding of ourselves. Students will have the opportunity to look at other people, and social situations differently. During Multi-cultural Day Students will have the chance to become social scientists and see the power of the media in action by running you own mini-research. The Multi-Cultural Day Team (Humanities, MFL, Drama) PTA meeting Tuesday 12th July 8pm to 9pm School Conference Room Four Oaks Community Fair at Arthur Terry School Saturday 24th September 10am to 1pm This an event for local people to find out about what is going on in and around the local community. Do you have a business or service you would like to promote at this event. For more information or to book a table please contact: alansdown@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk Staged @ Staged @ runs Performing Arts courses for 5 to 15 year olds every Saturday morning at Arthur Terry. Details are available on our school website. Holiday Courses Information regarding our Staged @ Holiday courses will be available on our website very soon. Watch out for our ‘Glee’ Week and our Film Week as well as our Dance and Drama classes.