April 2013

INTERIM REPORTS Thank you to all parents who took the time to fill in the Parents Questionnaire at the end of last year. In response to parents views about reports and data the school has introduced some helpful changes. When you next receive your child’s interim report you will notice a further column headed ‘Progress’ which provides parents with a numerical key giving additional information relating to the Working at Grade and Target grade. Changes to Interim reports will also apply to full reports as follows: Numerical Key: 1) On course to exceed target grade (or level) by end of Key Stage (or Year) 2) On course to achieve target grade (or Level) by end of Key Stage (or Year) 3) Some concerns regarding achievement of target grade (or level) by the end of Key Stage (or Year) 4) Serious concerns regarding achievement of target grade (or level) by end of Key stage (or year) This will be written specifically to the year the student is in and will be detailed in the information sent to parents with the report. Any further changes to reports will be communicated to you at that time. If you have any queries please contact the Data Team. Thank you, Heads of School SCHOOL UNIFORM Following a Spring Term of prolonged winter weather we hope to start the Summer Term with higher temperatures! We appreciated that students needed to dress suitably for the conditions but usual school uniform should now be worn. We expect: Sensible school shoes, not trainers or boots Blazers, school shirts and an optional black knitted sleeveless jumpers School skirts of a respectable length and not tight fitting Lycra type Hoodies and black PE sweatshirts should not be worn as part of school uniform Sixth Formers should follow the dress code provided which includes no blue denim. Full details about school uniform and the Sixth Form dress code can be found in school organisers and on the School website. Thank you, Heads of School CAR PARKING Parking spaces on the school site can be hard to find at peak times or during large events. Some helpful information about driving on the school site is given below. Front of School This area is reserved for those with parking passes, emergency and delivery vehicles which need the space to manoeuvre. It may be used temporarily by staff or visitors loading or unloading, or to drop off and collect a small number of our less physically able students. We ask taxis to use this area at the end of the day so that our drop off zone is not blocked. Please do not leave your vehicle here unattended. Student Drop Off and Collection If you do need to bring your child onto the school site by car please enter the school site via Beaton Road and use the drop zone provided. At peak times please pull into the nearside before the marked drop zone and carefully rejoin the traffic flow after dropping your child. The collection queue can extend back to Beaton Road. Please do not block through traffic and make your way to the front of school if necessary, as above. Kittoe Road, the Turning Circle and Beaton Road Please do not leave vehicles or wait for students in these areas. Key to avoiding congestion is the one way flow of traffic through school from Beaton Road, exiting via Kittoe Road. The absence of parked vehicles assists this flow and allows safer passage for our walking students. Please respect our neighbours by not parking in front of or reversing onto their driveways. Finding a Parking Space After 8:30 am spaces become scarcer and you are advised to park in the first space available, which is likely to be in front of the All Weather Pitch, to avoid having to tour the site. In the absence of marked bays please park with consideration for maximising space for other vehicles. CHANGES TO PERSONAL DATA It is essential that parents communicate to the school office any changes in personal circumstances, phone numbers and address details, so that school have the most up to date contact details for your child. EXAMINATIONS Summer 2013 Exams will run from 8th May – 26th June 2013, personalised Exam Timetables have been issued to candidates, please check your Examination Timetable carefully, if there is something you’re not expecting or something missing please ensure you see the Exams Officer urgently in B2.11. January 2013 Exam Post Results – any candidate who requested a photocopy of their examination script can collect them from the Exams Office is they haven’t already done so. Exam Certificates – Many students in Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 have yet to collect their Exam Certificates from the Summer 2012 Exam Series, please note we are required to hold Certificates for only ONE year before they are destroyed. Therefore we request that Certificates are collected as soon as possible from the Exams Office, B2.11 Summer 2013 Exam Results GCE – 15th August 2013 GCSE – 22nd August 2013 Further information will follow regarding times for collection of Summer 2013 Exam results – if candidates are unable to attend to collect their results on the dates given above they must provide a stamped addressed envelope to the Exams Office. ART EXAMS Please Click Here to view the latest Art Exam Timetable. YEAR 10 HISTORY Year 10 will have a ‘mock examination week’ in History Week beginning April 29th 2013. Also that they will be visiting Kenilworth Castle on a coursework visit on 17th April 2013. Miss Norbury will be sending a letter to Year 10 History parents shortly and all the details will be included. WORK EXPERIENCE 2013 This year the dates for Work Experience are Monday 1st July 2013 – Friday 12th July 2013 inclusive. Nearly all of our students have now found a placement, if you still need help finding a place please contact Jane Humphreys urgently on 0121 323 2221 or email jhumphreys@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk Once a placement has been found we would ask that you complete the attached form which can be accessed by clicking here or ask at reception for a paper copy. For more information on work experience in general please click here Many thanks, Mrs J Humphreys KS3 DRAMA KS3 Production of ‘Bugsy’. In July KS3 students will be performing an adaptation of the exciting musical ‘Bugsy Malone.’ Auditions took place in the last week of term and had an amazing turnout of boys and girls wowing us with their American accents! The cast list will be announced after the Easter Holidays and rehearsals will start to take place. Watch this space for information about tickets for the performance. U13 GIRLS CRICKET Our U13 girls cricket team won the Indoor Lady Taverners Championships last Friday and now progress to the regional final (…and then maybe onto Lords!!). ENGLISH SCHOOLS CROSS COUNTRY AT CATTON PARK A select number of Arthur Terry boys ran for the West Midlands team at the English Schools Cross Country Championships at Catton Park, South Derbyshire. The junior boys raced over 4200 m and the intermediate boys raced over 5700 m (3.5 miles). EXAM INVIGILATORS We are increasing our pool of exam invigilators. If you are interested in applying for a position or would like to request a copy of the job description please forward your contact details to pgardner@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk. LUNCHTIME SUPERVISOR We have a vacancy for a Lunchtime Supervisor at the school, working daily, term-time only for 5 hours 50 minutes per week, working from 12.20 pm to 1.30 pm. Please visit our web site www.arthurterry.bham.sch.uk for further information about our school, the role, and to download an application form. Alternatively please contact Tricia Davies, Lunchtime Co-ordinator on 0121 323 2221 or 0121 323 1920 between 11.30 and 1.30 pm.