Arthur Terry and Mere Green students race to their awards ceremony

Students from Arthur Terry and Mere Green schools joined together to celebrate their achievements in the Greenpower Educational Trust project recently. After a successful year of racing their first single- seat Formula 24 electric race car, the Arthur Terry students have spent the winter months making improvements to their car together with starting to build a second. Not to be outdone, Year 5 and Year 6 students from Mere Green have been busy building their own Formula Goblin cars to participate in the Greenpower Goblin category. Students from both schools were presented with medals and trophies by Sir Christopher Stone, Chief Executive of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, to mark their dedication and enthusiasm to the project and are all now busy preparing for the 2015 racing season. “The Greenpower experience is so exciting and developmental for our children. These are the activities that children remember long after they have left school. They are having such fun and so I am grateful to the staff and parents for their ceaseless support and boundless energy.” Sir Christopher Stone, Chief Executive of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) Arthur Terry teacher Dean Batty said “The Greenpower project transforms the school lives of all of the students who participate. Last year we won two races in our category and we believe we can go on to have a successful 2015 season. All of the students can be justifiably proud of their achievements.”