Arthur Terry Mock General Election 2017!

On 8th June the Arthur Terry School Community returned to the ballot booths for the third time in as many years to cast their votes in our 2017 mock General Election. Students came out in year group cohorts (starting with year 7, followed by year 9, then year 8 and finally year 10) following a week of preparatory assemblies. Sixth formers and staff were able to vote at break, lunch or any convenient time. Incredibly, just like the real exit poll announced a few moments ago, no single party claimed a decisive victory, with our most likely AT government outcome constituting a progressive alliance between the largest overall party winner, the Green Party and the Labour party. A huge thanks to Mr Gaudin who helped organise the event and assemblies and congratulations and thanks to the amazing school events committee, organised by Mrs Humphreys, who worked so hard to run the polling station throughout the day. The students who manned the event were: Hannah Balem, Emilie Jephson, Annie Tse, Harriet Lampitt, Rebecca Woodfield, Carys Burnham, Emilia Burnham, Eve Beck and Charlie Martin.

Mr. Zarifeh