ATS Visit India To Help Street Children

Students and staff at a Sutton Coldfield School have returned from a “life-changing” visit to India, which was part of a charity project to raise funds for street children. A team from Arthur Terry School met with students and volunteers from the Future Hope charity and presented them with a cheque for more than £1700. Future Hope is a charitable organisation which provides opportunity through its homes, school and medical programme for some of the most vulnerable children from the streets and slums of Kolkata, India. Arthur Terry School students took part in a number of sporting and educational activities alongside their Indian counterparts. The visit was also an opportunity for the Sutton youngsters to expand their horizons as they embarked on a learning journey across the country. Highlights included visits to Chennai, the Taj Mahal and the Bhutia Bastia Monastery. Student Will Bennett said: “Future Hope is an amazing charity that helps children who live on the streets on Kolkata and are subject to abuse and extreme poverty. It gives them education, medical treatment, food and shelter. It was a great experience to visit this charity – it is amazing to see how grateful and hopeful the children are of their opportunities in life thanks to Future Hope. India seems to be a different planet. It is incredible that we live on the same planet when our worlds are so different. It was hard to adjust back to western life after seeing how life can be lived in India. It is a very spiritual country with religion,culture and colonial history running deep in its veins. Will raised money for Future Hope through a charity concert in Streetly. His was one of many student-led fundraising initiatives, which included the Sutton Fun Run and T-shirt designing. Founded in Kolkata in 1987 by Tim Grandage, Future Hope now has a number of homes for boys and for girls, which provide accommodation for children ranging in age from five to 19. The 250-strong Future Hope School offers education from kindergarten to Class 12 (A level equivalent) both to children from the charity’s homes and to children from nearby slums who attend as day scholars. Sport and many other activities broaden their horizons and foster their talents. Once they have completed their schooling, Future Hope helps the young adults to move into higher education, training or paid employment.