Blooming marvellous!! Staff and students take centre page in new book

Flower power! Year 8 students and staff from the Arthur Terry School take centre page in ‘Teaching with Flowers for a Blooming Curriculum’. Pictured left to right: Anusha Chauhan, Madeline Richards, Joyce Kelly, Rose Duggan, Tracy Phillips, Christina Dafnia and Freya King. Green-fingered staff and students from Arthur Terry have been picked to appear in an imaginative new book that combines education with floristry. Photographs of receptionist Joyce Kelly, exams officer, Tracy J Phillips and students feature in ‘Teaching with Flowers for a Blooming Curriculum’, part of the ‘Mick Waters introduces…’ series by Crown House Publishing, which aims to get children handling, understanding and appreciating real flowers to help them cover elements of the school curriculum in an imaginative, innovative and memorable way. Author and talented florist, Julie Warburton, visited Arthur Terry earlier in the year. She worked closely with children and staff to create contemporary flower arrangements and floral masks and explored the idea of change and transition between primary and senior school. Julie said: “The children were fantastic; they listened, were really patient and got totally absorbed in the work. They picked up skills and ideas quickly and were able to thoughtfully translate these, using their own ideas to make their own excellent, thoughtful and unique arrangement.” Her workshop inspired the participants at Arthur Terry, as Tracy J Phillips explained: “Staff were invited to join students in this project and I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with students in a different capacity. As well as a therapeutic hour for me it was lovely to see how our young students thrived in a different environment, learn a new skill and have something tangible to take home.” Anybody who is interested in looking at the book should visit the Reception at Arthur Terry. Alternatively, please visit for details.