December 2014

One direction! We take road safety very seriously here at Arthur Terry in order to ensure the safety of our students. Fortunately, we have a very few incidents where students are injured traveling to and from school and we have staff posted at key locations around the school site both before and after school. We however must not be complacent and we would like to remind parents that we operate a one way system into school at all times; cars should enter the school site via Beaton Road, drop off students in the indicated areas and exit the school site via Kittoe Road. We politely request that parents do not approach the school via Kittoe Road and then turn around at the end of the road. This is in order to ensure the safety of the students who are walking to/from school and need to cross the road where cars would turn around. Furthermore, cars leaving the one way system and entering Kittoe Road cannot see cars on Kittoe Road from around the bend. We would also like to request that parents who pick up their child at the end of the school day wait in the designated areas after entering the school site and do not park in the top car park near the student entrance. This is to enable students on foot to leave the school site safely at the end of the day. Furthermore, Kittoe Road has a single yellow line which prohibits parking; parking attendants and police do regularly monitor cars on Kittoe Road. We very much appreciate your cooperation in these matters. Please also do consider allowing your child to walk or cycle to and from school. The school journey can be an excellent opportunity for children to learn about their local area, develop wider social networks and gain independence. According to the charity Sustrans, the average school journey in the UK is just 1.5 miles, and yet one in five cars on the road during the morning peak are doing the school run. Many of our students live in close proximity to the school and so walking or cycling would be an excellent way to reduce congestion, pollution and keep our youngsters fit and healthy. Heads of School Prize Giving Towards the end of November we celebrated the successes of many of our students with a week of prize giving assemblies. Each subject area nominated a student to achieve a certificate in recognition of the effort, progress or attainment they secured in their lessons from the last academic year. We were delighted that subject teachers felt that so many students were worthy of recognition for their endeavours. Congratulations once again to all our prize winners! We also look forward to our celebration evening on Tuesday 16th December. Heads of School Praise Event The top 15 students from each year group have been invited to spend the morning off timetable at the Odeon Cinema to watch a choice of 2 films with refreshments being provided. This is to reward their hard work and success this term. Work Experience – 1 week, Monday 6th July 2015 – Friday 10th July 2015 A reminder to submit your child’s work experience information via the secure link previously sent home; if you are unable to access this link we can provide a paper copy, which can be collected from reception. For students who are struggling to find work experience please see Mrs Humphreys during break time (in reception) or in the Guidance and Support centre on a Tuesday or Thursday morning during tutor time (8.50-9.10) We would ask that all students submit their work experience before Friday 19th December. Please contact Jane Humphreys on 0121 323 2221 ext 2227 or email Thank you EXAMINATIONS Remember please see the exams section on the school website for up to date information: In additional to seasonal information you and your son/daughter will find documents from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which includes all of the regulations pertaining to examinations. DECEMBER 2014 – YEAR 9, 10 and 11 TRIAL EXAMS GCSE trial exams for Year 9, 10 and 11 are taking place Wednesday 3 – Friday 19 December inclusive, please follow the link below for further information: There is no study leave. Students will return to their timetabled lessons when they are not in exams EXCEPT year 11 students will be allowed home if they have an afternoon exam finishing during Period 5 (2.25 – 3.25 pm) Trial exams result may determine students’ level of entry for the Summer exams. Year 11 students will finish school for the Christmas holidays at 11.10 am on Thursday 18 December UNLESS they have a Food Technology exam on the afternoon of Thursday 18 December and/or an RE exam on Friday 19 December. Students who have missed a Trial Exam will be expected to sit the missed exam on the morning of Friday 19 December. The exams will be conducted according to the procedures set out by the Examination Boards. This is so students are familiar with the correct procedure in the summer. A copy of the JCQ guidelines can be found on the JCQ Exam Notices Please ensure your child is familiar with the regulations in particular the following document, information for written exams: Equipment should be carried in a clear pencil case. There will be no spare equipment available for students to use. Students must use a black ink or ballpoint pen for all exams (gel pens are not permitted) and under no circumstances should mobile phones be taken to the exam desks. No food or fizzy drinks are permitted in the exam room, and candidates are not expected to need to leave the exam room to use the toilet during individual exams. If necessary, water can be brought in a clear, unlabelled bottle, which should be kept under the exam desk. JANUARY 2015 – YEAR 13 TRIAL EXAMS GCE ‘A’ level trial exams for Year 13 are taking place Monday 26 – Friday 30 January inclusive, please follow the link below for further information: FEBRUARY 2015 – YEAR 12 TRIAL EXAMS GCE ‘AS’ level trial exams for Year 12 are taking place Monday 9 – Friday 13 February inclusive. The timetable is being finalised and will be published soon. Please note there will be no study leave during 6th form trial exams. SUMMER 2015 EXAMINATION SERIES – AS/A Level Re-sits AS/A Level re-sits are available in the Summer 2015 exam series; the re-sit form is available on the school website: Please note that re-sit forms will only be accepted with subject leader signature and full payment. If payment is made by ParentPay the receipt must be submitted with the re-sit form to the Exams Office. A2 General Studies (Year 13) Students will only be entered for A2 General Studies if they achieved Grade ‘D’ or above at AS in 2013/2014 (Year 12). If students who received ‘E’ or ‘U’ want to enter for A2 they must complete and return a re-sit form for either or both of the units they did last year at AS Level which are £22 per unit. Outstanding Academic Progress in the 6th Form “Thank you,” called a lady from the stairs near the mezz. “It’s Mr Townsend isn’t it? Sarah my daughter told me if you see any of her teachers, say thank you. She got a First, you know. At Leeds University.” Leeds is one of the Russell Group universities. Proud mother. And we too are delighted to hear this news – the sort of news that filters through pretty regularly. That was last week. Even more recently, we received an email from one of our former students now at Oxford, offering to talk to any of our current Oxbridge applicants who had got through to the interview stage. They are meeting next week. “I remember Beth doing the same for me when I was at this stage,” said David in his email, referring to another of our students at Oxford. Similarly, within our network we have just had contact from a former student offering to talk to our Year 10, 11 and 12 students about Medicine and to give Mock interviews to any who reach that stage in the Medicine application process. One such mock interview is taking place at the end of this week! For me, supervising the university applications and tracking progress from GCSE to A-level results and post A-level destinations, as I have been doing for many years, there is never any doubt in my mind. Academically, students do at least as well here at Arthur Terry as they would anywhere else. The teaching and the monitoring of academic progress is so good that potential is almost always realised. Students who aspire to Russell Group or similar universities, and have the right potential, do get their places. And indeed, many more who may not have initially aspired to a top university are encouraged to be more ambitious for themselves. We see it every year, again and again. Last Friday afternoon, November 28th, the 6th form mentoring team gave themselves a round of applause: we had scored a ton. A hundred applications had been sent off to UCAS. Only about another hundred to go! For me the indications of progress and achievement indicated in subject comment and estimated grades is inspiring, especially because it is on such a huge scale. Of the 110 students whose applications have been processed: Six are doing four subjects rather than the usual three, with estimated grades all at A*AB. Twenty-two are estimated at all A*/A. Sixty-two are estimated at ABB or better – the usual requirement of a Russell Group type of university. Of the top 50 students by GCSE results (Including the joiners from other schools): Forty-one have already applied, of whom thirty three have estimated grades of at least ABB, with the others close behind. Those not included in these statistics are students who are highly regarded by their teachers for their hard work and good progress: almost certainly they will matriculate through their A-levels to the university of their choice. And there are still loads to come. For me, “gifted and talented” means something elastic , and our 6th form shows as clearly as anywhere that students already recognised as gifted go on to achieve their potential, but also many once thought of as relatively average can make magnificent progress once they find their niche with particular A-level subjects. We are, thank goodness, a comprehensive school with a sixth form that gives opportunities and encouragement to a wide variety of students who have performed decently at GCSE and want to go further. Every student is special. We have been referring here to estimated grades, and not yet achieved grades. But teacher comment is also something to go by, and it seems to me that the students and the parents have something to celebrate here. Roger Townsend (Post 16 Admissions Tutor). Junior Leadership Group Please click on the link to keep up to date with all the fantastic work being done throughout school by our dedicated team of Student Leaders Arthur Terry Newscentre Arthur Terry Remembers During the week commencing the 10th November, Years 7 and 8 History lessons at Arthur Terry were dedicated to remembering World War One. This is always of great importance, but especially this year with it being the centenary of the outbreak of the Great War. Students started their lessons by watching the moving images of the poppies at the Tower of London and thought carefully about the impact of and meaning behind such a memorial. Students were then set the task of designing and creating their own piece of work in order to remember the soldiers who lost their lives in World War One and conflicts since. The work that was produced was of a fantastic standard. Some students even researched their own family history and found out some incredible stories of bravery. One Year 8 student found out about her Great Grandfather who fought in World War One and found his diary which has an entry for every day he was in the trenches. Other students created 3D poppies, thought provoking poems about why remembering the fallen is so important, and designed remembrance gardens. Some of the work will be on display in the cabinets in reception, however this is only a small sample of the brilliant work produced. As usual our students have impressed us with their talent, creativity and respect for such an important issue. Christmas Term Dates School closes to Years 12 and 13 students on Thursday 18th December (3.25pm) School closes to Year 7 -10 students at 12pm on Friday 19th December (don’t forget to donate £1 to wear your Christmas jumper for Teenage Cancer Trust) Y11 students will only be in on the last if they have exams scheduled School reopens on Tuesday 6th January 2015 (normal time 8.50am) Dates for the Diary Wednesday 10th December Year 12 Parents Evening 5.00-7.00pm Winter Concert – starts at 7.00om Tuesday 16th December Praise Event – 9.10am – 2.25pm (Odeon Cinema) Celebration Evening – starts at 7.00pm Official Arthur Terry School Skirt – Update We are introducing an official Arthur Terry School Skirt. The official skirt will be compulsory for all new Year 7 students joining us in September 2015. We are mindful that some parents may have recently purchased a school skirt for their daughter and for this reason there will be a phased introduction of the official skirt to the rest of school. However, the official skirt will be compulsory for all Year 7 to Year 11 students by September 2016. There are two styles of black school skirt; one is a pleated skirt and the other is a straight skirt, both embroidered with a small grey school logo on the hem. Clive Mark have informed us that the skirts will be available to purchase in store after Christmas. Please be aware, if you need to replace your daughter’s skirt, before September 2016, it would be worth purchasing the new official skirt in advance. We believe that the new school skirt will minimise discrepancies over skirt style and length and ensure that all female students are dressed smartly, whilst also providing a greater school identity. Girls will still have the option to wear trousers if they prefer to do so. The cost of the official skirts will range from £13.00 to £17.25 depending on size and the style chosen. If you require any assistance with the purchase of an official school skirt please do not hesitate to contact us by email to Thank you.