December Newsletter

Heads of School News – Winter Edition 

Winston Churchill once said that “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection” and as we fast approach the end of term,we all here at the Arthur Terry School have plenty to look back on and celebrate.  So where do we start…


With a revitalised praise system and a more positive outlook on rewarding our students in an effort to boost their confidence, promote attendance to school, recognise the Arthur Terry Learner habits and instill in each of them a desire to be successful, our praise system and the number of students being rewarded with praise points has continued to move from strength to strength.

To give some context to what a fantastic effort has been
made by our students:

  • The average number of positive events per student has increased. At this time last year the average per student was 31 positive events. It’s currently at 35, which again, is great to see!
  • Many of our students are by far and away exceeding school averages too, with the highest Praise Point earner in the school sitting on a monumental 153 at the time of writing!
  • At this point last year our students had collectively amassed 53,861 positive events.  This year they are on 60,701,which is an increase of nearly 7000 positive events which is phenomenal and something to be very proud of.

As our students continue to work their way through our Praise Pyramid we hope they enjoy the range of rewards on offer, including early lunch passes, a movie afternoon, lunch with the Headteacher, and invitations to various trips and events that will be taking place later in the academic year.


Events & Activities

Once again this term we are pleased to have offered a diverse array of enrichment events and activities for students to join and participate in.  These include: adventure games, alternative sports, Christmas crafts, chess club, debate and book club,relaxation, hip hop dance and many more. We are delighted that so many of our students are taking these up and enjoying being part of a team/group/organisation, which of course encourages and promotes student well-being and enjoyment. 

Sporting Clubs

Our PE department here at the school continue to demonstrate their passion for their subject through dedicating endless hours after school for our students to participate, develop their skills, enhance their tactical knowledge and then be able to apply this into competitive game situations and events.  We are overwhelmed with the number of sporting successes and exceptional displays of talent that our individual students and teams are able to exhibit time and time again.  If you want to follow our success, go onto our school website or twitter feed.

Trial and Mock Examinations

Over the past few weeks both year 10 and 11 have completed trial examinations in a range of subjects and been given their results.  Though we appreciate and understand that some may have been disappointed, it’s important to reinforce that this is an excellent opportunity for us all to:

  • reflect as educators and parents on how we can work together to support and get the very best out of our students and children
  • consider as students what we need to do to realise our personal goals and dreams and motivate ourselves forward, towards achieving them

Remember that nothing is beyond us if we are prepared work hard, commit fully, dream big and in between leave a little time for some relaxation.

Next year…Reminders:

  • Mobile phones are to be kept switched off in their school bag during the school day.  They are not to be seen or heard.  If they are, then a phase 3 will be issued, phone confiscated and stored safely in reception (we would advise you to ensure that your child’s phone has a sturdy case to protect it), for collection by the parent. (Headphones away and not to be worn in school).  We also would recommend that as phones will not be permitted, if your child needs somewhere to record homework/important information or dates, that a diary is purchased and used.
  • Uniform is to be in line with school expectations. Please ensure that:
    • Jumper- worn under the blazer is emblazoned with the Arthur Terry logo
    • Shoes- Black, polishable and leather/leather effect
    • Skirts- Arthur Terry logo and they are not rolled/pinned or tied up to make them shorter

We would like to say a big thank you to all students,parents/carers and staff for their continued hard work and support this term,and here’s hoping that next term is as productive and rewarding as this one has been.

Finally, we wish you all a peaceful and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you all back in the New Year.

Important Information 

Student Details / Contacts

Please be reminded, if the data we hold for your child should change throughout their time at Arthur Terry (e.g. address, contact details), please remember to let us know using the on-line ‘Change of Details’ tab on the school website. Please CLICK HERE to access the link. If you would like to clarify these details at any time please contact the school administration team who will be happy to discuss.

FAQ – Site Access

Q. Can we drop children off on school site?

A., There is a drop zone on site, however access is limited and the school site gets very busy with staff arriving for work.  If your child is unable to walk or cycle to school there is the option to drop your child on Clarence Road and for them to walk through the path between Clarence Road and school site

Q. How do we get on site?

A. Via Beaton Road, school operates a one-way system once on site and you will exit the site onto Kittoe Road. If you drive along Kittoe Road you must observe the NO ENTRY signs at the top of the turning circle and NOT enter site.

Q. Can we park at the front of school?

A. No, the front of school is for permit holders, and delivery/emergency vehicles only. At the end of the school day, the front of school is coned off for the safety of students, staff and visitors, DO NOT move the cones.

Q. Is disabled parking available?

A. Yes, there are marked bays for blue badge holders.

Q. Can we park on the top car park?

A. If you have an appointment during the school day you can park in any designated area on site, excluding the front of school, however if you are picking children up at the end of the school day access to the top carpark is not permitted. DO NOT drive into the top car park from Kittoe Road, this is signed NO ENTRY

Q. Can we park on residential roads?

A. You must observe any parking restrictions and the Highway Code when parking on public roads. Be mindful of the possibility of emergency vehicular access being required. As ever, we request that visitors are sympathetic to our residential neighbours and do not block their driveways.

Q. What are the local roads speed limit?

A. 20 MPH

Q. Is there a speed limit on site?

A. Yes, 10 MPH

Staff & Sixth Form Visitors

We are aware that parking on site can prove difficult and would like to take this opportunity to remind you to please park in designated areas only.

Please ensure the drop off/pick up area remains clear.

Parking in the area in front of reception is for permit holders, visitors and emergency vehicles only.

6th formers must confirm their vehicle details to the 6th form team and park at the foot of the all-weather pitch.

The safety of our children and visitors to school is of the utmost importance to us and we are eager to reduce any possible difficulties.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Dates for your Diary

Friday 21st DecemberLast day, students finish at 12 midday Non-Uniform Day £1 Donation
Monday 7th JanuaryStaff Training Day
Tuesday 8th JanuaryStudents return to school at normal time
Monday 14th January – Friday 18th JanYear 13 Trial Exam week
Thursday 17th JanuaryYear 10 Parents Evening 4 pm – 6 pm
Tuesday 5th FebruaryD of E Award Night 6.30 – 8 pm 
Thursday 7th FebruaryYear 13 Parents Evening 4 pm – 6 m 
Thursday 14th FebruaryYear 8 Options Workshop for parents
Friday 15th FebruaryStaff training day – school closed for students
Saturday 16th FebruaryCanada Ski Trip Departure (returning on Sat   23rd Feb)



We share lots of information on the exams section of the school website:

Please note trial/progress exam dates may be subject to change.

Year 10 Trial Exams

W/C Monday 5th July 2019 (English and Maths – TBC)

Year 11 Trial Exams

Monday 14th January – Friday 18th
January 2019 (Maths ONLY)

W/C Monday 28th January 2019 (French and Spanish speaking exams)

Monday 18th March – Friday 22nd March 2019 (English, Maths, Science, History and Geography)

Year 13 Progress Exams

Monday 14th January – Tuesday 22nd January

Year 12 Progress Exams

Monday 24th June – Friday 5th
July 2019

All trial timetables will be made available on the exams section of the school websitecloser to the time. Click here: TRIAL EXAMS



Monday 13th May – Wednesday 26th
June 2019

GCE Results Day (Years 12 & 13)

Thursday 15th August 2019

GCSE Results Day (Years 10 & 11)

Thursday 22nd August 2019

Summer Exam Timetable 2019

The master summer exam timetable is available by clicking on this link summer 2019 – Exam Dates

Individual timetables will be handed out to students after the February half term.


All external and trial exams are conducted according to the procedures set out by the Examination Boards and the Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ). A copy of the JCQ guidelines can be found here: JCQ Exam Notices

Please ensure your child is familiar with the regulations in particular the following document: Information for candidates – written exams

The following devices are banned in the exam hall:

  • Mobile phones
  • Headphones
  • Smart watches and Stopwatches/Countdown watches
  • Any other technological devices or web enabled sources of information.
  • Revision Material/Notes

Other items not permitted in the exam room include food, fizzy and coloured drinks. Students are also, not expected to leave the exam room to use the toilet during individual exams. If necessary, water can be brought in a clear, un labelled bottle, which should be kept under the exam desk.

All students sitting examinations will be required to wear their school uniform. Sixth formers will also need to wear smart business dress and have their school ID badge on at all times.

It is important that the regulations outlined by the exam boards and JCQ are adhered as failure to do so can result in disqualification from the examination and the overall qualification. Therefore,we would ask for your support to ensure your child is fully prepared for their external and trial examinations.


The Joint Council forQualifications (JCQ) have announced a contingency day for the summer examsseries 2019. The date that has been set aside as the ‘contingency day’ is WEDNESDAY 26TH JUNE 2019. 

The contingency day for ALL external
examinations has been put in place “in the event of widespread, sustained
national or local disruption to examination during the June 2019 examination

Therefore, in the event of a major disruption, JCQ and/or the relevant Awarding Bodies may decide to postpone an exam to another date in the June 2019 exam series. This means that any students sitting external examinations in June 2019 must be available until Wednesday 26th June to sit any exams that had to be postponed. 


Ensure your child arrives fully equipped for their exams.  Equipment needs to be in a see through plastic bag or transparent pencil case. 


ink or ball point pens (no gel pens
or blue ink are permitted)






Calculator (lids must be removed)


Pair of compasses




Highlighter pen (to highlight text in the question paper only – cannot be used in answer books)



Summer 2018 certificates are now available for collection. Current students can collect their certificates from Miss Mir (Exams Officer) at the end of the school day.

Once you have received your certificates,please check your personal details and the grades. If your grade has changed through a review of marking this may not be corrected on your certificates.

Please note if your personal details (legal name, DOB) is incorrect you will be charged the exam board fee for are placement certificate.


Please email Miss Mir at to arrange a suitable time to collect your certificates.

(A Level)

To be
confirmed by the 6th form team.

(SUMMER 2019)

Please complete the re-sit form and return to the Exams Officer with full payment no later than MONDAY 4TH FEBRUARY 2019

Payment can be made via Parent Pay (by clicking on the Exam Re-Sit tab)
or by cheque made payable to The Arthur Terry School.

Please note that the re-sit form will only be accepted with the subject leader’s signature and full payment.

To download the re-sit form including the fees please click here: A Level Re-Sits  

School News 

Library News 

Arthur Terry is Completely Fine

On the 25th October 2018 Sixth Form  members of the school Book Club had the chance to meet Gail Honeyman the author of the publishing phenomena:  Elinor Oliphant is completely fine (Elinor). We were guests of Wolverhampton University where Gail was speaking as part of their “Big Read” programme. Every new student to the university  this year was given a copy of“Elinor” to read in an initiative to encourage reading for pleasure and cross-curricular teaching.  As the only 6th form students invited to attend we felt highly honoured. We had all read and enjoyed Elinor as the inaugural read of the 6th form Book Club. We learnt about the inspiration for the novel when Gail read a newspaper article about the increase in loneliness among young people who often found themselves in a strange city and new job. Gail joined a creative writing group and began to write Elinor  and after along apprenticeship  was discovered by an agent and the rest his history as they say.

This quirky and touching read was a unanimous hit with Book Clubbers so it was fantastic to understand the inspiration behind the story and meet the softly spoken, thoughtful  Scottish author.

Year 7 boys meet best-selling author and practising Samurai 

Author Chris Bradford is very much a “method writer” who likes to immerse himself in the worlds he describes in his books. Who knew he was  a practising Samurai and bodyguard?

Year 7 students had a fun filled time when we visited King Edwards Boy’s School Camp Hill to see Chris tell us about his books and the ways he goes about researching his characters. Chris is a real showman and involved the audience in learning some of the tips and strategies used by “close protection”officers. It was particularly enjoyable when  a kidnap attempt was made on the  School Librarian – Miss Aine Garvey,  and members of the audience had to foil the plot. Fortunately, she survived unhurt. Everyone was impressed when Chris bought out a huge Samurai sword and told us about the history of this magnificent and dangerous weapon. His  Young Samurai and Bodyguard  series of books draw on his knowledge of the dangerous worlds  and are packed with  action  and adventure.

We loved our visit to Camp Hill and thank all the staff who made  it possible for us to visit.

IBEC Identity, Beliefs, Ethics & Culture 

As part of IBEC (Identity, Beliefs, Ethics and Culture),Year 7 students have been working on projects to promote and encourage community cohesion. 

They have come up with all sorts of amazing multi-faith and multi-cultural ideas such as street parties, food and dance festivals, television adverts and billboard posters. 

This picture below shows a‘Peace Tree’ where people of all faiths and cultures are encouraged to add a leaf to show how everyone belongs to the same community; which seems particularly apt during this season of peace and goodwill.  Merry Christmas from the IBEC teachers!

Easy fundraising – Feel Good Shopping

Dear parents/carers

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could collect a free donation for our school?

There are over 3,000 shops and site on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, eBay, John Lewis, insurance comparison sites, Dominos, Trainline,  and Sainsbury’s – and it doesn’t cost you a penny extra!

It’s really simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Join.

Head to and sign up for free.

  1. Shop.

Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first, pick the retailer you want and start shopping.

  1. Raise.

After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to us for no extra cost whatsoever!

There are no catches or hidden charges and it’s a free and easy way to raise funds .

This isn’t just for personal purchases, if you make business purchases many suppliers are affiliated with easyfundraising so be sure to check.

To make it even easier there is an app to download to your mobile devices at

Please share this with your friends and family and let’s get fundraising..

Thank you so much in anticipation of your support.

Christmas in Food Preparation and Nutrition Lessons

Lots of students who celebrate the Festive season have been making traditional Christmas foods. Year 7’s have made some delicious Mincemeat Pinwheels whilst Year 8’s have focused on perfecting the Mince Pie!
Year 9’s have been creative in the designing & making of more sophisticated Mince Pies making rich, sweet shortcrust pastry with a range of toppings. They have also enjoyed making and decorating Yule Logs.
The Year 10 GCSE students have designed and made their own Festive Cake; yet again this year, there have been some amazing ideas. These are now on display at school.
Well done to all students for their efforts, hopefully it will inspire some to get cooking at home over the Christmas holiday

Ex-student gets Christmas recipe published

We are delighted to share the news that one of our ex-students, Zara Thomson who studied A Level Food Technology at Arthur Terry has successfully had a Christmas recipe printed in the Miele magazine. The recipe is for a delicious ‘Festive Monkey Bread,’ and has been designed as a modern twist on the classic Christmas cake. Zara is extending her A level Food by studying it at Birmingham City University and is currently on a placement with Miele. Well done Zara!

Bank of England £50 note National Competition 

Please see above the photos of Arthur Terrys winning entries submitted for Bank of England competition to design a £50 pound note! Watch this space! #thinkscience #

Arthur Terry Sixth Form Defeat Pingle Academy 

Arthur Terry Sixth Form’s second game of the academic year saw them travel to South Derbyshire to take on The Pingle Academy. After their thrilling 5-5 draw with Fairfax last half-term, the squad were looking to put in a more solid defensive display, whilst still hoping to be as successful in front of goal.

The game started at a high intensity, with both teams struggling to retain possession for any great period of time. Once Arthur Terry started to settle down however, the team played some quality football. The deadlock was broken mid-way through the first half with Maldini Kamdem scoring what can only be described as a rocket of a free kick, as he put the ball in the top corner from around 40 yards!

Pingle equalised shortly after, from a quick counter attack, meaning at HT the game was tied at 1-1.

Reuben-Bartley Toney was the only change at the break for Arthur Terry, and he made all the difference in the early stages of the second half, showing good feet and extra energy in the middle of the park.

The third goal of the game was scored by Arthur Terry captain and only year 13 representative, Adam Budz. Adam showed great trickery down the left hand side to beat two players, before cutting in and slotting the ball in the far right corner.

Shortly after, substitute Supattharachai Buranasiri (Bobby), played in Maldini for his second goal of the game, which wrapped up what was a solid outing for the boys in burgundy!

Man of The Match was awarded to RaushanSuemul, for a brilliant centre half display, however several players could just have easily won this particular award.

Congratulations to all students who took part in the recent fixtures and preparatory training sessions. We now look forward to building upon last week’s impressive victory in the New Year!

Match Report by Mr Whitehouse

JLR Work Experience Day

On Tuesday 11th December nine Arthur Terry Sixth Formers were fortunate enough to attend a Jaguar Land Rover Work Experience Day at their Wolverhampton Engine Manufacturing Plant. After a tour of the huge factory – spanning more than 24 football fields – the students enjoyed careers workshops, break out small group Q&A’s with various JLR employees and completed the day with an engineering team challenge to build a replica engine in time constraints with the two Arthur Terry groups coming first and second!

The students had an incredible day and picked up on the company’s, ‘Kaizen’, ‘good change’ mantra regarding seeking continual improvement. The event will assist all nine participants – Nathan Blundell, Holly Dawson, Henry Geddes, Charlotte Hirons, Joel McHale, Solomon Nicodemou, Bonnie Phillips, Will Tuppen & Rory Watkins – with their various apprenticeship applications and in particular was fabulous preparation for Henry Geddes who has a JLR Software Degree Apprenticeship interview tomorrow!

Huge thanks to Aston University’s, Sarah Fullwood for brokering today’s fantastic event!

Young Professionals Employability Conference 

On Wednesday 28th November, forty Arthur Terry sixth formers travelled to the impressive iCentrum, Innovation Birmingham conference venue to participate in a Young Professional Careers Day. Leading employers Browne Jacobsonthe AABarclaysIBMBDOEY & Arriva showcased their organisations’ operations, their employment pathways as well as delivering workshops on CV’spsychometric testingnetworkingpersonal branding and entrepreneurship.

Young Professionals are hoping to partner with Arthur Terry again later this year by bringing some similar leading employers directly into the school – watch this space!

One Hundred Years Memorial 

Over the last month, students have been busy making poppies for the History Department’s Remembrance Day competition to help commemorate one hundred years since the end of World War One.

Students had to create a poppy- it could be a drawing; 3D, paper mache- whatever they wanted! Some entries were made by individual students; groups of students; and even whole tutor groups!

We had many fantastic entries from across all year groups and houses. Deputy Headteacher, Neil Bowater and Senior School Leader, Evvie Panayiotou judged the best entries on Friday 9th November.

It was extremely difficult to narrow down the best designs, as they were all fantastic however ultimately the overall winners of the poppy competition were York house!

Winners from within each house were also chosen, with each winning form entry earning 5 praise points: LB2, HA5 (runners up HA6 and HA7), YA7 (runners up YB6 and Nia Harries) & GB1. All form and individual runners up will also be awarded 3 praise points.

Girls Netball News ! 

Following on from the successes of last year and being crowned Erdington and Saltley Champions, and West Midlands Champions, we decided to raise the level of challenge this year and enter the National Cup! 

Our squads train every Wednesday and have recruited new players this year, adding to the talent in the team.

268 teams have entered, and currently our squad of 14 players are through to round 5, so the last 32 schools nationally!

Good luck girls with the next rounds, watch this space!

Miss Horspool