December 2013

HEADTEACHERS MESSAGE As the first term comes to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the excellent support you have shown the school. We have talked many times about partnership working in our website messages and in open evenings and we believe it is so important. You cannot have effective partnerships, though, without reciprocity. Effective partnerships mean that people gain immeasurably from each others’ commitment. In this case you place your trust in us to deliver excellent outcomes for your children and we gain from having a school full of exciting, enquiring, thoughtful and happy young people all eager to learn. Talking of reciprocity, we were delighted to attend the Sutton Fun Run Presentations where so much money was raised for good causes and the excellent work that Tracey Spare and his team are doing to change lives. It is humbling to see the lengths that people will go to support those less fortunate. It was wonderful to receive the cheque on behalf of our charities, knowing that 100% of all of our money raised by our students would reach the most vulnerable. We have had so many highlights even in this one term. We look forward to next term and will start it off on Monday 6th January with our Partnership Training Day. All teaching and support staff in the partnership will come together to share ideas and good practice in learning and teaching with one overriding objective; to keep striving for excellence for the young people and families we all serve. Do have a wonderful holiday, whatever you are doing. Best Wishes, Neil Warner and Richard Gill – Headteachers. EXAMINATIONS We now have a dedicated page for exams information on the school website, please click here to visit the page. We hope you will find it very useful. In additional to seasonal information you and your child will find documents from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which includes all of the regulations pertaining to examinations. DECEMBER 2013 YEAR 9, 10 and 11 TRIAL EXAMS – Year 9, 10 and 11 students have trial exams during the last 2 weeks of term in December. Please click here for the Trial Exam web page. NOVEMBER 2013 EXAM RESULTS – Results for the November Exam Series will be available on Thursday 9th January 2014. JUNE 2014 EXAMINATION SERIES TIMETABLES – Personalised exam timetables will be issued shortly before Easter break. The Department for Education website holds exam dates for GCSE and GCE AS/A Level exams provided by the awarding bodies AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR and WJEC and students can build a timetable for revision purposes, please note this would NOT be in lieu of the personalised timetable issued by the Exams Office which is expected to be available shortly before Easter break. RESITS – The re-sit form for the summer exam series is available and we would urge students to complete and return these to the Exams Office as soon as possible. Please note re-sit entries will not be made unless full payment and an authorising staff signature is received. If payment is made by ParentPay the receipt must be submitted with the re-sit form to the Exams Office or an exam entry will not be made. Please click here for the re-sit form which is also available from the Exams Office and the 6th Form Centre. A2 GENERAL STUDIES – Please note students will only be entered for A2 General Studies if they achieved Grade E or above in AS in 2012/2013. If students who received ‘U’ want to enter for A2 they must complete and return a re-sit form for either or both of the units they did last year at AS Level which are £20 per unit. YEAR 12 and 13 TRIAL EXAMS – 6th form trial exam dates are subject to change and will be confirmed in due course. WINTER CONCERT A reminder of the concert on Thursday 12th December at 7:00 pm. It is £3.00 a ticket and funds will be going to the AT Music department to fund resources. YEAR 10 ETHICS AND PHILOSOPHY REVISION SESSIONS Please encourage your child to attend these important Year 10 revision sessions being held at 3:30-4:30 pm at school. Session 4 – 16th December – Divorce Session 5 – 9th January – Homosexuality Session 6 – 22nd January – Why people believe in God – Upbringing and religious experiences Session 7 – 4th February – Why people believe in God – design and cause arguments Session 8 – 25th February – Why people do not believe in God – evil and suffering, unanswered prayers and scientific explanations of the world Session 9 – 13th March – Christian responses to the issues mentioned above Session 10 – 27th March – Media and Belief in God ANNIE AT CHRISTMAS Our Drama and Dance club students will be putting on a Christmas performance in the school’s atrium based around the story of Annie, ‘Annie at Christmas’ on the Wednesday 11th December for parents to come and see. Please arrive from 4:00 pm as there will be mince pies and hot drinks available for you too. KS3 TECHNOLOGY AND ART WORKSHOPS We are all contributing to an extensive ks3 Technology and Art OOHL program. Please inform your child the sign up sheet for workshops they wish to attend will be placed in room B3 corridor for students to sign. FREE SCHOOL MEALS ELIGIBILITY Please click here for the link to the guidance document for Free School Meals eligibility. TRAFFIC QUEUES Please can parents and visitors to school give consideration to our neighbouring residents on Kittoe Road and Beaton Road when dropping off or collecting students by car. At peak times, queues of traffic often block vehicle access for significant lengths of time, particularly to those wanting to turn in/out of Beaton Road. Please be aware when vehicles are trying to turn and leave space to allow them to do so when possible. BOOKBUZZ The school is participating in the National Literacy Trust’s Bookbuzz programme. Students have been given a chance to choose a free book from a selected list of 12 fiction titles, with the aim of encouraging reading for pleasure. Library staff have been going into all Year 7 English lessons to promote the scheme and talk about the shortlisted books. The books should arrive soon making an early Christmas present for Year 7 students. Miss Goode – Library Resources Manager. ATTENDANCE MATTERS As an Outstanding School, we are always looking for ways to improve Student achievement, so that they are best prepared for when they leave School and enter Employment or Further Education. Nationally it has been identified that there are clear links between Student attendance and the progress made both in their personal development and academic achievement. We have carried out our own research to confirm that this applies to Arthur Terry students. Please see the two graphs for AS and A2 Level that clearly demonstrate that attendance really does matter and that generally, students whose attendance falls below our School Target of 95.5% achieve below their Subject Target Grades. We urge you as parents/carers, where possible to ensure that any lost learning time is minimised, which can only be of benefit to your child. This will in turn help to maximise the progress that they make. We thank you for your support in encouraging your child to attend School regularly and on time. HEREFORD CHARITY DAY On Thursday 7th November it was Hereford charity day. It formed a buzzing atmosphere with all Hereford tutor groups selling things, such as cakes, doughnuts, candy floss, drinks and sweets. Some tutor groups even made up some games, which were chocolate tombola, lollipop lottery and remote control car racing. It was fantastic! We made a massive £801.86 and all the money that got raised goes to a charity called Pancreatic Cancer Research. This charity is where some scientists gather research to help and possibly cure, if they can, pancreatic cancer. The variety of ideas that tutor groups came up with meant you could always find something to buy to add to the donation to the chosen charity. It was a brilliant day due to the fact Hereford house was raising money for a good cause; this was to help save people’s live
s. You cannot help people better than that! Amy Grainger HB10 CONGRATULATIONS – NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Katy Broadhurst a Year 13 student, has competed in the British Synchronised Swimming Championships. We are very pleased to tell you that she and her team mates won their event and are now National Champions!!! DRESS FOR THE COLD WEATHER! Thank you for all your support in ensuring that student’s arrive to school in full uniform. Autumn is here and winter approaches. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather that we have currently experienced and will have to endure over the next few months. When the weather is very cold extra layers under shirts are advisable. Hoodies are sometimes worn as coats, we request these are not worn. They are not waterproof and therefore not suitable outer wear. Canvas shoes are also not advisable and not recommended school footwear. They are certainly not appropriate in cold, wet weather so we kindly request that you ensure that your child is wearing suitable shoes. Similarly, as we are just a small island in the Atlantic we do tend to get our fair share of rain! In order that your child is comfortable and dry, we request that your child is wearing a suitable coat that is waterproof on rainy days; umbrellas are also a good idea. YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE 2014 Work Experience next year will commence on Monday 30th June – Friday 11th July 2014 inclusive. Whether your child leaves at the end of Year 11 or continues at Arthur Terry in the Sixth Form they will inevitably decide on a career path and work experience can sometimes help young people with that decision making process. Work experience is mandatory and forms part of the curriculum in year 10, but more than that it gives young people an opportunity to find out what it’s like to go to work. Expectations for students and for employers vary greatly but students who benefit the most are the ones who are able to secure placements in an environment which is completely different to school presenting new and different challenges. Communication between school, the employer and yourselves is vital to make this work best for your child. In the meantime you are strongly recommended to encourage and support your child with securing a work placement by approaching employers as soon as possible. We have spoken to all of the students in year 9 during an assembly where they have been given a booklet to help with the process, a copy of which is available; to see a copy please Click here. The deadline for finding a placement was Friday 20th December 2013. Please submit your child’s work experience by completing the on-line form which has been emailed home to you. Reminders will be sent out on a regular basis via email. If you would prefer a paper copy please contact Mrs Humphrey’s. If you are having difficulty finding a placement or have any queries please contact Jane Humphrey’s on or 0121 323 2221 (ext. 2227). CAREERS Can parents please remind students if they require assistance with their future plans or advice on colleges or careers, please see Mrs Clayton in the new Careers office in the bottom of the sixth form centre or in room D1.17. END OF TERM ARRANGEMENTS Year 7-Year 10 students will finish on Friday 20th December at 12:15 pm. Thursday 19th December is the last full day of lessons for 6th form who finish at the normal time. Year 11 students will finish school for the Christmas holidays at 11:10 am on Thursday 19th December UNLESS they have a RE exam on the afternoon of Thursday 19th December and/or a Graphic Products exam on Friday 20th December.