February Newsletter

Headteachers’ Message

The Arthur Terry School has once again been named Sutton Coldfield’s top performing mixed comprehensive school, GCSE and Progress 8 results reveal. Its impressive scores also place the outstanding academy among the highest 25 per cent of all schools nationally.

The Department for Education’s official school and college performance tables – which are published annually – show that an impressive 87 per cent of students achieved the “gold standard” grades A*- C in English and Maths GCSES at the Arthur Terry School. In addition, its Progress 8 score of 0.22 places the outstanding academy above the national average and in the top 25 per cent nationally of all schools.

Headteacher and national leader of education, Neil Warner, said these results reflect the outstanding level of teaching and learning at the school.

“This is a fantastic result once more, which demonstrates our consistently high performance every year. We are particularly pleased with the impressive Progress 8 score, which is an extremely important measure in the new Government criteria.

“There are so many good comprehensive schools in the area and this success is demonstrative of the hard work and commitment of our students and staff.”

The Arthur Terry School is a centre of excellence. Graded as Outstanding by Ofsted in both the 11-16 and 16-19 phase. Arthur Terry is one of the first 100 teaching schools in the country and one of only two newly accredited School Based Teacher Training Providers nationally.


February                                                              –              Year 8 Full Reports

Friday 17th February                                        –              Half Term, School closes at normal time 3.25


Monday 27th February                                    –              Students return to school, 8.45am

Tuesday 28th February                                    –             Year 8 Options: Information and Workshop Evening

Thursday 2nd March                                         –             Year 8 Parents Evening (Core)

Wednesday 8th March                                     –             SCITT Open Evening (Teaching Schools)

Friday 17th March                                             –              Year 11 and Year 13 Leavers Photographs

Wednesday 22nd March                                 –               Year 10 A Block DTP & MenACWY Vaccinations in school

Thursday 23rd March                                     –               School Show “The show must go on” (1 night – parents will be emailed with further details).

Thursday 30th March                                    –                 Year 12 Parents Evening

Thursday 6th April                                           –               Year 10 B Block DTP & Men ACWY Vaccinations in school

Thursday 6th April                                            –              School closes for Easter Holiday

Friday 7th April                                                   –             TRAINING DAY – school closed for students


Monday 24th April                                               –               School opens at normal time 8.45am

ADVANCED NOTICE                                    –               Year 11 Prom  –  Thursday 29th June 


Working together for safer use of the internet

As part of our recent Internet Safety Week all pupils took part in an assembly and worked together during tutor time to explore how to ensure safer use of the internet. The content of the learning was put together by our Arthur Terry Student Leadership team, who acknowledged the issues they faced due to their increased use of smart phones to communicate with both friends and other peers online.

With 66% percent of year seven and 89 % of year ten pupils already using a smartphone, the advice of how to stay safe is not a new revelation. However, the negative impact through misuse of social media is increasingly becoming more evident within schools.  Whether it is an upsetting comment, a negative reaction to the sharing of an image or a misunderstood emoji witnessed by one of our students in the comfort of their own home or at friend’s house, it often results in disruption to learning during the school day. Sadly, it is the detrimental effect on the nurturing of rewarding friendships and the building of trust amongst peers that can cause the most concern.

All of our students have been reminded about the school’s policy on the strictly prohibited use of photographing or recording of staff or other students within Arthur Terry. We have reminded our students that using any technology to ‘live stream’ during the school day will result in a serious sanction. The consistent checking of phones in between lessons results in late admission and missed learning. Unless directed by a teacher, we should not see mobile phones during lesson times.

Recently all of our parents and carers received an email from our Student Leaders Events team promoting the Internet Safety section of our website. This continues to feature updated links and advice of how to promote discussion at home to ensure our young people are taught to think critically about what they see online, so that they continue to use their smart phones responsibly and with kindness.

Arthur Terry Student Development Committee

Our Student Development Committee have recently been creating some student information films based around utilising the skills of the Arthur Terry learner. They have also been creating some promotional videos that will run throughout the year on screen around the school and during tutor time to promote the continued work we do to promote anti-bullying around the school.

The Student Development Committee have also set up a Student voice promotional board outside of the canteen that will also feature a suggestion box. This will allow students to articulate their views in order ensure all learners feel empowered to make change across their school community.

Arthur Terry Student Year Ambassadors

The committee has recently been working with Mrs Reade to ensure the student leaders can provide support for their peers around the options process. They have put together the most pertinent questions they felt subject leaders could answer in order to provide further information.

The committee our also in the process of communicating with parents and carers about the drop off and picking up procedures so that all learners feel safe when entering and leaving the school site.

Arthur Terry Student Teaching and Learning Group

The student led group has met with leadership this term to discuss how to ensure our most able and disadvantaged students are challenged and supported within school. They are looking to ensure each faculty has student ambassadors in place and have also been evaluating our new tutor programme.

National Book Week

From Monday 27th February – Friday 3rd March we will be celebrating National Book Week. All of our students are already encouraged to carry a reading book with them to enable them to read during our tutor time reading for pleasure programme. During National Book week we will have several competitions running including asking all tutor groups to decorate their tutor room door as a chosen book. There will also be the chance for all learners to enter the individual create a book in a jar competition, or enter the fastest typist in Arthur Terry competition which will be ran in conjunction with Purple Pinkie, which is the campaign to raise money for Polio. We will also be holding book sales throughout the week and increasing our provision to enable learners to read for pleasure. All individual events will be judged in the library and supported by our Student Events Team.



We understand there are times when you may need to drop off/pick up your child/children from school rather than them walk to/from school.

A reminder the school operates a one way system via Beaton Road, through the school site and out through Kittoe Road.

Please use the drop off/pick up area and ensure you do not block emergency access to the school.

A reminder that the area in front of school reception must remain clear at all times.

We’d also like to remind you to be sympathetic to our residential neighbours and their need to access their properties.


We are aware that parking on site can prove difficult and would like to take this opportunity to remind you to please park in designated areas only.

Parking in the area in front of reception is not permitted due to required access in the event of emergency.

The safety of our children and visitors to school is of the utmost importance to us and we are eager to reduce any possible difficulties.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Collecting students during school hours for Medical/Dental appointments 

We are aware that parents on occasion need to collect students for medical/dental appointments.  Where possible we would ask that appointments during school hours are avoided, however should you need to attend an appointment, please can you follow the procedure below in order that students are available to leave school promptly.

Please inform the attendance officer of the date and time of the appointment.

Please issue the student with a letter to show the class teacher if they will be leaving a lesson early.

Please ensure students are met in reception and issued with a signing out slip.

All students must be collected by an adult.


Being late to school is not acceptable. If your child misses the start of the day they will miss work and often not receive vital information and news, likewise if they miss assembly. Students arriving late also disrupt lessons which can be embarrassing for the student and has a negative impact on teaching and learning. Students persistently arriving late will be given detentions and persistent lateness will result in parent /carer being notified and where appropriate, required to come to a punctuality meeting.

The school day begins at 8.50 am and all students are expected to be in school in the correct place by this time. A warning bell sounds at 8.45am to ensure students are moving to their tutor room in time for registration.  Students arriving after 8.50 am must sign in at Reception. The School Register will close at 8.50 am. Any student arriving after this time without a good reason (e.g. medical appointment) will receive an “unauthorised absence”. Tutors/Progress Leaders will be notified of latecomers and detentions will be issued in accordance with lates policy.

Reminder:- whilst students are on their journey to and from school (and in uniform), the same high standards of behaviour are expected as when they are in school.


Remember we share lots of information on the exams section of the school website:



In addition to seasonal information please see documents from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which includes all of the regulations pertaining to examinations. This is so students are familiar with the correct procedure in the summer. A copy of the JCQ guidelines can be found on the JCQ Exam Notices page https://www.arthurterry.bham.sch.uk/exams/jcq-exam-notices/

Please ensure your child is familiar with the regulations in particular the following document, information for written exams: https://www.arthurterry.bham.sch.uk/exams/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2014/12/4.6-written-examinations.pdf


External Exam Series Dates:

 The dates for summer 2017 are: Monday 15th May – Thursday 29th June

 The timetable for the summer exams is available under the Exams section on the school website https://www.arthurterry.bham.sch.uk/exams/exam-timetables/

Personalised exam timetables will be made available in March.


Please check the exams calendar for dates on practical exams which take place before the summer exams https://www.arthurterry.bham.sch.uk/exams/exams-calendar/


If you have any exam queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the school number or via email: exams@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk


Duke of Edinburgh Dates 


Stem Club News!

KS3 students have enjoyed attending STEM Club every Tuesday after school. The sessions are designed and led by staff from Science, Maths and Food Technology, giving students a wide variety of exciting challenges to take part in each week! Students have recently designed fantastic inventions for the British Science Association’s Poster competition, used their engineering skills to build the tallest tower and created structures to withstand earthquakes!

Miss Miller, Mr Hughes, Mr Jennings, Miss Patterson and Mrs McCall

In STEM we enjoy doing many exciting activities from the four subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We have done things like coding, experimenting, research and making parachutes. As well as having lots of fun, we learn many new interesting things! It’s a chance for making friends and to use our brains effectively. We are proud of joining such a magnificent club and look forward to the Big Bang Fair trip and many more sessions!

Kiera Hackett and Mirna El-badwy,  Year 7

Praise Event:- to recognise the fantastic work the STEM club have been involved in all students were invited to a praise event on Monday 13th February where they shared sweets and treats with Mrs Kibble and staff from the STEM club 🙂

Faith Caudery, Coby Checkland, Alexander Crouch, Jessalyne Davis, Charlie Douglas, Lewis Durkin, Ammario Eccleston, Mirna El-Badawy, Callum Gallagher, Kiera Hackett, Brody Hale, Jibran Hussain, Scarlet Lander, William Lander, Olivia Lea, Jack McNerlin, Ruth Opong, Daniel Ogundare, Eve Wallace, Isaac Wallace, Jack White, Thomas Wilson, Edward Leland, Ben Lea, Alexander Marshally, Emily Haynes, Charlie Hodgetts, Ismail Ibrahim, Rachel Leavesley, Anela Ellis.


Sixth formers visit BCU!

On Thursday 9th February, twenty Arthur Terry sixth formers visited Birmingham City University’s new, purpose-built, city centre campus.

After a splendid welcome lunch in the Curzon building café, our students enjoyed an interactive EPQ skills masterclass delivered by the university’s library team which included our own Head Librarian, Mrs Mandy Goode who divides her working week between Arthur Terry and BCU.

The session covered the Dewey academic library categorisation system, mapping processes at the outset of a research enquiry, an evaluation of possible research sources and their reliability – applying the ‘CRAPP’ test (!) and finally the importance of avoiding plagiarism, incorporating the Harvard referencing system and the need for comprehensive bibliographies. Even a full-scale building evacuation didn’t detract from what was a brilliant afternoon, even if it was a little cold waiting for the all-clear in the ‘East Side’ park emergency congregation area!

The day finished with a tour of the impressive four-story library with panoramic views across the city. Huge thanks to Mrs Goode and BCU for this wonderful opportunity for our students with thanks also to Mr Townsend who supervised the trip. Arthur Terry is now looking forward to developing closer working ties with BCU’s library team as we seek to expand the numbers of students undertaking extended project qualifications.

Young Chef Competition – @ UCB

Congratulations to Emily Austin (Year 11) who successfully got through to the Grand Final of the Young Chef Competition at UCB on Saturday 21st January.

Emily, who got through the first two rounds to get to the final was one of just 8 finalists from an original 60 students across the West Midlands.

Her menu compromised of marinated salmon served with lemon and garlic roast potatoes & steamed vegetables, followed by chocolate ganache tart.

There were 4 judges, including Glyn Purnell (who is a Michelin Star Chef and owns a restaurant in Birmingham). Emily did amazingly well and narrowly missed out on the top 3! All judges gave Emily excellent feedback and reassured her it had been a very close competition. Emily came away with goodies from UCB, a lovely certificate and a signed cookery book by Glyn Purnell.

Emily’s commitment was amazing throughout the whole competition and she was a real asset to the school – we are very proud of her!

Mrs S Hemmings

Food Technology Teacher



BT Apprenticeship Team visits Arthur Terry sixth formers!

During lunchtime on Thursday 2nd February, five members of the British Telecom Apprenticeship team visited Arthur Terry to share with sixth formers their own personal journeys into the company as well as the various apprenticeship tiers that can be applied for. With apprenticeships starting at £14,000 per annum and a host of other benefit packages, a number of year 12’s are seriously considering applying for higher level degree apprenticeships next year with the transnational IT company.

Sixth Form Dodgeball

On Friday 3rd February eleven KS5 form groups participated in a house dodgeball competition. The event was extremely competitive but also conducted in atmosphere of fun, letting off a little post-mock exam steam and emphasised mass participation. Ultimately Mrs Long & Dr V Randerson’s YA10 form defeated Miss Gill’s GA10 in the grand final to emerge as overall champions, although Mr Martin’s LB8 have lodged a formal complaint having been disqualified due to the Head of Maths acting as ‘player-manager’. A big thanks to the PE department for permitting us to use the sports hall and in particular to Mr Holliday for setting up the courts and equipment. We now need suggestions for next half-term’s fun house enrichment opportunity!








Sixth formers visit Parliament

On Thursday 26th January, twenty-three Arthur Terry sixth formers, studying Government & Politics, visited the Houses of Parliament. Students toured the Palace and watched both the Commons and ‘the other place’ in session from the public viewing galleries. The Commons were debating the fairness of pub tenancies in the face of near monopolies exerted by the largest breweries, whilst the Lords were engaged in passionate exchanges regarding the forthcoming Brexit white paper.

Students participated in a ‘Rights & Representation’ workshop within Parliament’s new education centre before having a Q&A session with our constituency MP, Andrew Mitchell. A few students were also fortunate enough to briefly chat with former Education and Justice Secretary, Michael Gove and were able to quiz him about his interview with Donald Trump last week!

A huge thanks to Mr Townsend, Mrs Caron-Viles and Mrs Roche (Vision Support Team, BCC) who accompanied myself and the students on the trip. Mr Zarifeh.












Year 8 Cookery Club

Twenty eight keen and enthusiastic students raced to be the first ones to get their reply slips in to enable them to gain a place in the much over-subscribed cookery club, held on Wednesday evenings. Unfortunately, there were lots of disappointed students!

They are making a selection of products including:-

  • a savoury snack – Courgette, Onion and Cheese Muffins
  • a sweet snack – Mini Bakewell Tarts
  • a main course – Jambalaya
  • a dessert – Lemon Cheesecake

All students have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions so far, particularly the more relaxed atmosphere than in their timetabled lessons!

Mrs Hemmings and Miss Patterson are loving taking the sessions and seeing the great products they have made.