Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Year 7 and 8 students have been hard at work this term rehearsing for their very own production of the much-loved classic, The Wizard of Oz. The show is at the Arthur Terry School on 12th & 13th July, 2016 which will show the cast of around 50 students showing off their talent on the stage. Rehearsing twice to three times weekly since Easter, the cast are excited for the upcoming date, and are all keen to make sure their show is perfect before performing in front of their friends and family. Through rounds of auditions which involved reading from a script in the character you have chosen, the selected students taking part in this production are set for great talent in the drama department for later years. Rebecca Wadsworth is directing the show, and has provided a double cast, which will alternate on the days of the show. This gives as many people as possible the chance to participate through the long list of characters and lines, getting everybody involved. Speaking to the Dorothy, who is played by Lavinia Barnsley, she said: “The show is definitely coming along a lot, and it’s great to have enough time to make it perfect.” Alongside the Y7 and Y8 cast, Hannah Farmer, Milly Allcock and Elliott Perlic from Year 10 also help out in terms of directing the show. Having participated in these shows themselves when they were that age, the students have direct knowledge of what needs to be done and what looks good on stage. Whilst viewing one of their rehearsals, two girls in the cast, Jasmine and Olivia, were seen teaching the rest of the cast the dance movements to ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’. The cast were respectful of their fellow cast member, and eager to learn the new routine to perfect their show. Year 7 student, Eve, said: “It’s very scary, but you get a rush before you go on stage, and your legs shake like jelly. It’s great fun though.” The students are extremely excited to showcase their hard work and hope to see as many people there as possible to support them. Tickets for this production will be £5, and can be bought through parent pay via the finance office, or alternatively, can be purchased on the door on the day.