Future Scholars Take A Trip To Cambridge

“Today has helped to break down barriers, helped our students to aspire, and encouraged them to reach for the skies” Michael Gannon, Assistant Headteacher, “Assistant Head teacher and Reece enjoying their tour of the University” When students were selected to represent the Arthur Terry school as part of The Future Scholar Award Scheme they were delighted to accept. The national scheme helps schools in England raise the aspirations of their high achieving Year 9 students by giving them the opportunity to attend an event at a top university like Cambridge. There were a range of activities for the students to participate in, including lectures about admissions, the application process and subject choices as well as am opportunity to take part in a questions and answer session all of which was designed to catch the interest of our more able year 9 students and debate what university level study involves. Following lunch students were given a tour of the University by one of the “cambassadors” Sarah, who was able to give an insight into life at Cambridge and the journey that took her there. One student Reece Ryder said “It had been an interesting to find out what university was like and the trip had made him think more about applying for university”. A final treat for the students was provided in the form of a delightful river tour of the campus on a punt along the river Cam which was both entertaining and informative. Senior office manager, Mrs Meade said “The day had been a great opportunity for students to learn more about University and talk to scholars first hand about the personal “journey” which got them to Cambridge” For further information about the experience you can visit the Cambridge University’s news centre by clicking the link below http://www.cam.ac.uk/news/inspiring-day-for-future-scholars