Hasina Nizamee – Training To Teach Biology

Hasina Nizamee began her PGCE in biology this year at Arthur Terry School, following the School Direct route into teaching. She told us about her experience so far: My experience of teacher training has been an emotional rollercoaster. There are ‘ups’ and there are ‘downs’. But the ‘ups’ really are fantastic! When you’re teaching a child, you can see their eyes light up with curiosity and wonder about biology. It has made me realise my potential, testing the limits of my patience, confidence, organisational skills and empathy and academic capability. Also being a mother of two having the bursary available as a biology trainee eased any major financial worries for the duration of the course. Finally for all those interested in teaching biology, do it! You get to teach a subject you love and you get to work with young people who can surprise you in many ways. It really is the most rewarding job you could do! For more information on applying for teacher training, visit the our Teaching School site.