Headteachers’ Message December 2014

Happy New Year As we begin a new academic term, we also enter a new year which will hold many challenges, as always, for education. The educational landscape will be dominated by the May General Election and whether outright party or coalition, each will want to put their own vision forward for how to best educate our young people. Tony Blair, in 1997, fought his campaign around “Education, Education, Education”. Yet we see political parties come and go. We see education secretaries try to make their mark before they move on. We see reforms at every stage, from Early Years to Post-graduate. The only ever constant, indeed is change, but another constant is the resolution of those who work with young people to do the very best by them, to shape them, influence their thinking, support them and try to ensure that they become the tolerant, sensitive, enquiring individuals who will make a positive difference to theirs and others’ lives. Education, Education, Education will always be on our agenda, but education in its widest sense. Every young person deserves access to a school that will push them academically, but treat them as individuals who learn differently. A school that will promote equality, tolerance and hard work and then praise and value those who show it. A school that doesn’t work in isolation, but is outward-facing and values collaboration, open-mindedness and a continuous learning culture. A school that values parents and carers, governors, support staff, students, teaching staff and the wider community and recognises that with these positive relationships we can do so much more. So here’s to our New Year’s resolutions. They haven’t changed. They were the same last year, the year before and the year before that. They will be the same next year and beyond. They are about putting children at the heart of everything we do, irrespective of any national reforms or changes. Children’s educational needs don’t change; they always have and always will demand a place where they are loved, nurtured, developed and supported to achieve and exceed their potential. We are so privileged to be part of this. A Happy New Year to you all, Richard Gill and Neil Warner Headteachers