Headteachers’ Message February 2016

‘Sir! I just got a B in my chemistry assessment’ exclaimed an excited Y10 student as he walked briskly through the atrium. ‘That’s fantastic’, we said, ‘what do you need to do to move to an A?’ The student stopped; the excitement drained from his face; he momentarily looked confused. Suddenly, and once again with wondrous enthusiasm, he was able to speak confidently and fluently about errors that he was making, common misconceptions and things that he needed to do in order to make further progress. It was a fabulous moment; a reminder of why we entered the profession. Teaching is a wonderful career. Expert teaching can change lives. Students should have high expectations of what they can achieve and be taught both knowledge and skills. Brilliant teaching models the ‘how’ and encourages students to think hard with breadth and depth. Outstanding teaching leads to brilliant learning where young people are excited about what they are doing and want to know more; can recognise their own mistakes and, with support, identify their learning journey and what they need to do to improve. As a provider for Initial Teacher Training (primary and secondary) we can provide you with the opportunity to train to join this fantastic profession. Our wonderful SCITT team would love to hear from you. For more information contact cmortimer@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk Richard Gill and Neil Warner Headteachers