Headteachers’ Message January 2015

Our Third Learning Partnership Training Day on the 5th January was a fantastic start to our new year. As schools, we are afforded the opportunity to take five days throughout the academic year to ensure that our practice and provision continues to develop and improve and it behoves us all to ensure that we use this time wisely to impact on our student outcomes. We can learn so much from each other and we often talk, in our messages to you, about a shared responsibility and accountability for all students. In our Learning Partnership we are privileged to belong to a family of such committed support and teaching staff and a community of such caring and supportive parents and governors across the primary and secondary phase and enjoy growing and developing together to ensure the life chances of all those students and families that we serve are improved. Our Training Day, as always, had children at the heart of everything. Rightly so. It focused on how teachers from Early Years up to Year 13 could develop and enhance their practice, how to further develop outstanding transition between primary and secondary school, how to ensure that assessment and reporting could be further refined to inform future planning and ensure all students and parents are aware of the next steps in learning. Our support staff, so integral to our partnership, worked together on sharing their expertise in supporting teaching and learning. It really was such a wonderful day and so heartening to see all of our staff in our schools doing what they do best – striving to ensure that they remain at the cutting edge to ensure the best possible outcomes for young people. Richard Gill and Neil Warner Headteachers