Headteachers’ Message June 2015

Love it or hate it, Britain’s Got Talent has once again caught the imagination of TV viewers over recent weeks. For some, Ant and Dec are the popular appeal but, for many, it’s the weird, funny or wonderful that draw folk to their TV screens to watch the annual offering. Its finding? The most popular, talented, undiscovered act in Great Britain in 2015 is a dog; albeit a very clever, cute, four legged friend with a stunt double! Shame, as we believe the Welsh choir were the true winners and deserved far more than their 3rd place finish. What made this choir so special was not the sheer size of the group, but how it has bonded a town in North Wales and allowed people from all different backgrounds and ages to come together; one voice, one community. Community is so easily ignored by many schools but within Four Oaks we are fortunate to have forward looking and dedicated Headteachers in our partner primary schools who share our belief that we are all serving one community and actively promote the importance of working together in providing a ‘Four Oaks offer’ for our students and families. The Four Oaks Cluster has seen many changes in recent times but the bond that brings the schools together is as strong as ever and the partnership working that exists is still regarded as best practice by many. As for Cor Glanaethwy, the choir from Bangor in Gwynedd, life from today will be a little calmer following their recent TV excitement. Their conductor, Cefin Roberts, should be rightly proud of all that they achieved last week but is probably quietly looking forward to returning to some normality over the coming days and weeks. At Arthur Terry, life is quickly back to normal following the half term break and we look forward to a busy 7 weeks ahead. Many people believe that this time of year is quieter in schools as the countdown to the summer begins but this couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when you are surrounded by such a dedicated and hard working team who provide so much for our young people. Last Sunday students, parents and staff were as one with a team of 176 participating in the Great Midlands Fun Run. It was a wonderful day with a fantastic atmosphere and excellent community spirit. Education is not just about what happens in the classroom but it is also the enrichment and extra curricular opportunities that make schools so special. Education is life long; our partner primaries put excellent foundations in place upon which we build until our students leave us aged 16 or 18. Whilst teachers deliver knowledge, we also nurture, develop, support, grow and love. Is teaching hard? To see the smiles on young people’s faces when they realise they can do something; to share in their successes and to support them through their failures and, in doing so, help them develop further, is an absolute dream and one that we wouldn’t change for anything – not even for the right to appear at The Royal Variety in front of Her Majesty! Richard Gill and Neil Warner Headteachers Arthur Terry teacher Dean Batty said “The Greenpower project transforms the school lives of all of the students who participate. Last year we won two races in our category and we believe we can go on to have a successful 2015 season. All of the students can be justifiably proud of their achievements.”