Headteachers’ Message March 2015

Mark Twain said that “the two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”. If you go into our Dining Room, on the wall, you will see photographs of a number of our students, past and present, who have gone on to lead lives dedicated to the service of others, undertaking vocations they relish and living their own dreams. These are only the ones we know about! We have past students saving lives on the operating table, helping to keep the country safe, representing their communities in the World of politics, entertaining thousands on stage and screen, working with Technology to create time – saving devices we don’t even know exist yet. The list is endless and so varied. Yet they all have one commonality. A relentless drive and determination to do something with their lives, to make the difference, to leave a mark. Our GCSE and A Level students are currently in the final few miles of their secondary education ‘marathon’ as they look towards their examinations and are supported so ably by their peers, their teachers and their parents. They will have all approached the journey differently. Some will have sprinted quickly at the start, then slowed down. Others will have walked at first, then quickened their pace. Different students will have decided to take a steady jog throughout. The road will have had twists and turns for some, pit stops for others, detours for those who needed it. That’s life. What is most important, though, is finishing the journey. How you did it is immaterial. You will have learnt things about yourself that you didn’t know, but will make you all the stronger for the next stages in your lives. We wish all of our students the very best for their final journey towards their examinations. They will all have their own personal bests to beat, their own individual goals to achieve. One thing is certain: you have the support of your teachers, your families and your friends with you every step of the way, encouraging and supporting you to the day when you realise, as Mark Twain said, why you were born. Good Luck! Neil Warner and Richard Gill Headteachers