Headteachers’ Message September 2015

Arthur Terry headteachers chosen for key national school support role The two headteachers at the Arthur Terry School in Sutton Coldfield have been selected for a top role supporting schools in challenging circumstances. Richard Gill and Neil Warner are two of 70 headteachers nationally to be appointed to the role of National Leader of Education (NLE) in the latest recruitment round. NLEs along with staff in their school – designated a National Support School – use their success and professionalism to provide additional leadership capability in other schools. NLEs are deployed to suit the needs of each school needing support, or to those in transition to federation or academy status. The type of support provided is flexible and can often involve NLEs becoming executive headteacher. They also have responsibility for bringing on the next generation of NLEs and National Support Schools. Richard and Neil said: “This designation is testament to all staff within the Arthur Terry School who for many years have willingly given of their time to support students and staff from neighbouring schools to ensure all young people are given the very best opportunities regardless of postcode. We are delighted to have our work recognised nationally and will continue to support our community in ensuring that Arthur Terry remains at the very highest level nationally whilst doing what is asked of us within the current self improving system for the benefit of all.” Many NLEs/NSSs report improved exam results at the schools they support, as well as their own. Charlie Taylor, Chief Executive of the National College for Teaching and Leadership, said: “It’s great that Headteachers like Richard and Neil are willing to look beyond their own school gates to help more and more pupils achieve. We now have well over 1,000 National Leaders of Education and their efforts are at the heart of a self-improving, school-led education system. “School-to-school support is having a growing impact with benefits for both the schools being supported and those providing the support.” Successful heads will be invited to attend a formal induction and training event in October for the role in driving school improvement. Headteachers’ Message Welcome back to the new term! On Friday we welcomed some very important people to our school – our new Year 7 cohort. They arrived in their pristine uniforms, keen, eager and ready to learn. It was wonderful addressing them all in the main hall and we’d like to give you a flavour of what we said to them as it is really relevant to all of our students, not just Year 7. We talked about opportunities. By attending an Outstanding School with first class staff, governors and parents they will have the chance to grow, to shine in their chosen field, to achieve their potential. We talked about individuality and respect. We are a school that values every single person for who they are, celebrating their individualism and acknowledging how important that is to the overall fabric of our school. Finally we talked about respect. Respect for themselves, respect for others and respect for their communities. As we start a new academic term, with yet again excellent examination results, we are excited by what lies ahead. We look forward to updating you regularly and wish you all a very happy and successful new term, Neil Warner and Richard Gill Headteachers