January 2014

STRANGER DANGER MESSAGE West Midlands Police are urging parents to reiterate ‘stranger danger’ messages to their children following reports of suspicious activity near schools in north Birmingham. A teacher at Perry Beeches School raised concerns this morning (Jan 22) after parents reported a white Transit-type van cruising the area – it followed reports in previous weeks of a driver trying to strike up conversations with passers-by in Streetly and Sutton Coldfield. Police traced the driver a van from a reg plate noted down by a parent – and found him to be a scrap metal trader who was trawling the streets looking for metal items to recycle. However, despite the false alarm, police are reminding parents and teachers to drive home ‘stranger danger’ messages to children. Force Incident Manager, Chief Inspector Julian Harper, said: “We treat any reports of this nature very seriously, though incidents of child abduction or attempted abduction are extremely rare.” “It’s important children are reminded about safety messages: never to get into strangers’ cars and to always report suspicious behaviour so we can investigate. But at the same time it should be stressed that no children have been injured, or indeed physically touched, and there is no evidence that attempts have been made to abduct children.” West Midlands Police has issued the following advice: • Never go off on your own with a stranger, take things from them or get in a car with them. • Make sure you tell your parents where you are. • If someone scares you, or makes you feel uncomfortable go somewhere safe, which could be your home, your school or a police station. Remember to tell someone what has happened straight away. If you would like to discuss any other policing matters please contact your local policing team on 101. Always dial 999 in an emergency. EXAMINATIONS We now have a dedicated page for exams information on the school website click here to visit the page. We hope you will find it very useful. In additional to seasonal information you and your child will find documents from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which includes all of the regulations pertaining to examinations. 6th FORM TRIAL EXAMS Year 13 – Monday 27 to Friday 31 January 2014 Year 12 – Monday 10 to Friday 14 February 2014 Please click here to follow the link for the Trial Exam web page. Anyone with an exam clash or school trip must see the Exams Officer in B2.11 as soon as possible, unless an email has already been received with the re-scheduled date and time. NOVEMBER 2013 – POST RESULTS SERVICE Students have been informed of their results for the November Exam Series. Please click here to follow the link, should you be interested in making an enquiry about results or request an exam script back. JUNE 2014 EXAMINATION SERIES TIMETABLES Personalised exam timetables will be issued shortly before Easter break. The Department for Education website holds exam dates for GCSE and GCE AS/A Level exams provided by the awarding bodies AQA, EDEXCEL, OCR and WJEC and students can build a timetable for revision purposes, please note this would NOT be in lieu of the personalised timetable issued by the Exams Office which is expected to be available shortly before Easter break. http://sites.arthurterry.bham.sch.uk/exams/exam-timetables/ RESITS The re-sit form for the summer exam series is available and we would urge students to complete and return these to the Exams Office as soon as possible. Please note re-sit entries will not be made unless full payment and an authorising staff signature is received. If payment is made by ParentPay the receipt must be submitted with the re-sit form to the Exams Office or an exam entry will not be made. Please click here to follow the link for the re-sit form which is also available from the Exams Office and the 6th Form Centre. A2 GENERAL STUDIES Please note students will only be entered for A2 General Studies if they achieved Grade E or above in AS in 2012/2013. If students who received ‘U’ want to enter for A2 they must complete and return a re-sit form for either or both of the units they did last year at AS Level which are £20 per unit. ART EXAM TIMETABLE Please click here for the latest Art exam timetable. SCHOOL NURSE We would like to make you aware that we have a team of school nurses allocated to our school. The nursing team are based at Falcon Lodge clinic and will be coming into school every week commencing the middle of February. This will give our students the opportunity to speak to our nurses in complete confidence with any medical concerns that they may have. Our nursing team are always on hand should you wish to contact them with any medical matters regarding your child. They can be contacted on 0121 465 5232.
Important notice – A small number of our students are susceptible to infection due to having low immunity. It is important that any cases of chicken pox, measles, shingles are reported to school. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE 2014 Work Experience next year will commence on Monday 30th June – Friday 11th July 2014 inclusive. Whether your child leaves at the end of Year 11 or continues at Arthur Terry in the Sixth Form they will inevitably decide on a career path and work experience can sometimes help young people with that decision making process. Work experience is mandatory and forms part of the curriculum in year 10, but more than that it gives young people an opportunity to find out what it’s like to go to work. Expectations for students and for employers vary greatly but students who benefit the most are the ones who are able to secure placements in an environment which is completely different to school presenting new and different challenges. Communication between school, the employer and yourselves is vital to make this work best for your child. In the meantime you are strongly recommended to encourage and support your child with securing a work placement by approaching employers as soon as possible. We have spoken to all of the students in year 9 during an assembly where they have been given a booklet to help with the process, a copy of which is available; to see a copy please Click here. The deadline for finding a placement was Friday 20th December 2013. Please submit your child’s work experience by completing the on-line form which has been emailed home to you. Reminders will be sent out on a regular basis via email. If you would prefer a paper copy please contact Mrs Humphrey’s. If you are having difficulty finding a placement or have any queries please contact Jane Humphrey’s on jhumphreys@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk or 0121 323 2221 (ext. 2227). CAREERS Can parents please remind students if they require assistance with their future plans or advice on colleges or careers, please see Mrs Clayton in the new Careers office in the bottom of the sixth form centre or in room D1.17. ARTHUR TERRY TIMES WINTER EDITION Please click here for the latest copy of the Arthur Terry Times. DRESS FOR THE COLD WEATHER! Thank you for all your support in ensuring that student’s arrive to school in full uniform. Autumn is here and winter approaches. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather that we have currently experienced and will have to endure over the next few months. When the weather is very cold extra layers under shirts are advisable. Hoodies are sometimes worn as coats, we request these are not worn. They are not waterproof and therefore not suitable outer wear. Canvas shoes are also not advisable and not recommended school footwear. They are certainly not appropriate in cold, wet weather so we kindly request that you ensure that your child is wearing suitable shoes. Similarly, as we are just a small island in the Atlantic we do tend to get our fair share of rain! In order that your child is comfortable and dry, we request that your child is wearing a suitable coat that is waterproof on rainy days; umbrellas are also a good idea. FOUR OAKS CLUSTER ORCHESTRA MUSIC MADE SIMPLE! Would your child like to learn more about how music works? Would they benefit from being able to read music? Would they like to improve their vocal skills and musical ear? YES…..? They can come along and join Richard Jeffries and Chris Hall for a 6-week programme devised to improve their musical knowledge and understanding and unlock the mysteries of notation. Accompany us on a voyage of music discovery! This will be a comprehensive course of lessons involving direct teaching and a range of practical activities relating to rhythm, pitch, harmony and musical terminology. We anticipate that this series of sessions will increase your child’s general musical skills and their enjoyment of it! The course will be progressive, and each session will build upon previous skills learnt. To gain maximum benefit, all sessions should be attended. A brief outline of the courses: – Rhythm, pulse and pitch – Time signatures – The Stave – note positions and movement, clefs – Tone and Semitones – recognising and singing – Singing-related games and ear training exercises – Intervals, chords and harmony – Understanding musical scores – Music terminology and directions The ‘advance’ course will include extensions of all the above, plus some composing and arranging work. The whole course will cost £50 – course materials, handouts and refreshments will be provided. Sessions will take place on Tuesdays at Arthur Terry school from 7.15-9.15pm starting from Tuesday 28th January 2014. If you feel your child would like to commit a course, please fill in their details and the short questionnaire below and email back asap to richmjeffries@googlemail.com