January’s 2013

HEADTEACHER’S MESSAGE I share with you that the Headteachers of Arthur Terry, Brookvale, Hill West, Mere Green, Slade and Stockland Green Schools have joined together as The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership in order to share expertise and resources, which we believe will make all six Schools even better. We hope that this will help us to maintain high standards but also become more effective and provide better value for money. We are already seeing a tremendous difference in all the Schools. There are so many changes in education today but together we are finding that we are able to make better sense of these for the benefit of all our young people. Each School retains its own Local Governing Body and Headteacher, in Arthur Terry’s case Neil Warner and Richard Gill, but overarching this is a Trust Board which I, as Executive Headteacher, answer to. The Trust Board has exceptionally high expectations of all of us. In some of the Schools there has already been a visible change; in others less so as they were already performing at a very high level. However, together we are even stronger and are able to help and support each other. All Schools will benefit from The Arthur Terry Teaching School who will be training 74 new teachers this year; all Schools are benefitting from coordinated IT provision and all Schools are benefiting from better use and understanding of Human Resources. As one of only two School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) Schools nationally, we are able to train and develop eight Primary School teachers from September. As a result, should any of our Schools need a teacher, we will have been directly involved in selecting and training our very own teachers. What an incentive for everyone involved. We have experts responsible for Buildings, Personnel, Finance and Human Resources. These specialists provide a high level of support to each School which, over the years, will prove invaluable. As someone who has been a Headteacher for eighteen years, I am enjoying working with the Headteachers: supporting them through their journey to make their own School as successful as it can possibly be. I also get to work with all of the support staff and teachers in each School and am enjoying this tremendously. The expectations of me are high as my performance management targets with the Trust Board will testify. However the rewards, as we see each School develop and succeed, are equally high and rewarding. Over the coming months we will add an Arthur Terry Learning Partnership link to the Schools’ websites so that we can keep you informed about our progress. TOMORROWS LEADERS LEARNING TODAY Nearly 500 staff from across the six schools that form the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership met this week to start the new term in a Joint Learning Day entitled: Tomorrow’s Leaders Learning Today. This was the first time that teachers and support staff from across the 6 schools, Arthur Terry School, Brookvale Primary, Hill West Primary, Mere Green Primary, Slade Primary and Stockland Green School, have come together collectively to share their expertise in learning and teaching. Alison Sturgess, Headteacher at Slade Primary said “It was just an incredible milestone – all six schools learning together. There was such a positive atmosphere, a real buzz around school, and everyone I spoke with was most impressed and learnt so much”. Workshops were wide ranging and gave a number of staff an opportunity to lead and share their own talents and expertise. “This was not just about the learning of the participants. Those who delivered the sessions, some of whom were only in the second and third year of teaching, really exemplified the talent that exists across the Learning Partnership” said Richard Gill, Associate Headteacher at The Arthur Terry School. Sir Christopher Stone, Executive Headteacher of the Learning Partnership added, “The fundamental aim of the Learning Partnership is to share expertise and resources, which we believe will make all six schools even better. This will help us to maintain high standards but also become more effective and provide an even better education for our young people. There are so many changes in education today but together we are finding that we are able to make better sense of these for the benefit of all our young people. Yesterday’s joint training was part of this journey: an opportunity for staff to work together, share ideas, resources and expertise that will have impact in the classroom immediately and will make learning for all our young people even more enjoyable and effective” The day also served as an opportunity to congratulate Sir Christopher Stone, Executive Headteacher of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership following his Knighthood in the Queen’s New Years Honours List. Sir Christopher was quick to dedicate his award to those colleagues who have worked or continue to work with him. “I’m surrounded by wonderful support staff and teaching staff and children and governors and it’s a testament to every one of them..Throughout my career I have been surrounded by lovely and very capable people and it’s a reflection of their hard work.” With regards to the new partnership and Chris’s role in leading six schools he said “As someone who has been a Headteacher for 18 years, I am enjoying working with the Headteachers in the respective schools; supporting them through their journey to make their own school as successful as it can be. I also get to work with the support staff and teachers in each school and am enjoying this tremendously.” EXAMINATIONS We now have a dedicated page for exams information on the Arthur Terry website, please click here to visit the page. We hope you will find it very useful. In addition to seasonal information you and your child will find documents from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which includes all of the regulations pertaining to examinations. YEAR 10 PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS TRIAL EXAMINATION In preparation for the external GCSE examination in the summer, ALL Year 10 students will sit a trial examination on Friday 11th January at 9:00 am in the Sports Hall. The topics that will be examined are: Marriage and Family, Believing in God, Life and Death, Revision materials are available from the department share – humanities – religious education – handout – revision. YEAR 11 ART All Year 11 Art students have now been issued with their GCSE exam paper. You can click here for a copy of the paper. Students have already been provided with many examples of artists whose work relates to each exam title, and they now have just six weeks to complete a set of drawings, photographs, artist research and media experiments, so every minute counts! Parents often ask what they can do to further support their child with this work: Assistance with meeting deadlines would help immensely- students have been given a clear week-by-week guide of what they should be aiming to complete. Resources or a visit somewhere may be necessary to photograph more interesting items. 25% of the marks are for ‘Visual recording’ which involves producing a set of quality photographs. Please refer to the OCR website link above for further information or contact the Art department at Arthur Terry, if you are concerned about your child’s progress with this exam unit. Work is fast-paced for Art over the next six weeks, so there is always something students can be doing to add to their art exam preparation at home! WORK EXPERIENCE 2013 This year the dates are 1st July 2013 – 12th July 2013 inclusive. A deadline for finding a placement has been set as Friday 21st December 2012, For more information please click here and to complete the form for the placement click here. Please contact Jane Humphreys at jhumphreys@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk if you require any further information or help. BBC SCHOOL NEWS REPORT – WEBSITE OF THE WEEK The BBC’s ‘Website of the week’ has selected the Arthur Terry School due to their excellent interview with Adrian Chiles. Stating that ‘the school have done a great job – it’s a really good example to other schools so well done!’ You can see the website of the week mention on the front page of the BBC website, just underneath the map on the right-hand side of the page by clicking here. MOBILE PHONE REGISTRATION On 17th and 18th January PC Farringdon and WPC Smith will be in school from 8:30-9:00 am and 3:30-4:30 pm carrying out mobile phone registration. This is an opportunity for your child to register their phone details on the immobilise website and stored on a national database to which all UK police have access. This means that if their phone is ever lost or stolen they are more likely to get it back. Your child will need the serial number (known as the IMEI number) and an active personal email address. You can find the IMEI number by dialling *#06# on any phone. If you have any questions about this please contact Mrs Meade at lmeade@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk DRAMA KS3 Drama Club The KS3 Drama Club Christmas performance was a huge success. Prior to the performance, family and friends joined the Drama department in the atrium for drinks and mince pies. Everyone was wrapped up warm and despite the cold conditions the performers did an excellent job. A fantastic afternoon by all and thanks to all who helped out. Watch this space for news about the next drama club show! Mrs Wadsworth Miss Denton Royal Ballet School aDvANCE Project: Workshop 1 On Wednesday 9th January 2013, the 27 A Level and GT GCSE Dance students participated in the first of four on site workshops. The aim of the workshops is to create material that will be used in the final performance that the students will do in March at The Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden. The focus of the workshop was to introduce students to some of Sir Frederick Ashton’s preferred movement vocabulary from classical Ballet and to use this as a basis for choreography. The students worked incredibly hard and produced highly creative work of an excellent standard. The workshop leader, Liz, from The Royal Ballet School was thoroughly impressed by how responsive our students were and by their choreography. The students were an absolute credit to the Dance department, the school and their parents and I am in no doubt that the work they will go on to produce is going to be nothing short of exceptional. Natasha Beech – Subject Leader of Dance Year 11 Drama GT Workshop On Thursday 31st January ‘Rogueplay’ Theatre company will be spending the morning with Year 11 Gifted and Talented GCSE Drama students. The workshop will be based on Physical Theatre and will aid the students with ideas and creativity for their upcoming ‘Theatre in Education’ drama exam in February which they perform to local primary schools. YEAR 9 AND 10 SCIENCE The Arthur Terry Science Department is going global. Professor Hilton and his team from Aston University, together with sfam (Society for Applied Microbiology), chose Arthur Terry as their venue of choice to film a Microbiology video that will be released to microbiologists across the UK, and then worldwide, as an example of best teaching practice. The video was filmed over two sessions with a group of exceptional Arthur Terry year nine and ten students. The students enjoyed learning about bacteria, methods of bacterial transfer and ways to prevent infection. The University team were impressed by the behaviour and engagement of our students. Miss Stewart and Miss Hilton