KS3 Wizard of Oz Show

Arthur Terry School presented the hard work of Y7s and Y8s on Tuesday 12th July and Wednesday 13th July in the KS3 School Show, The Wizard of Oz. The show saw two packed evenings full of family and friends supporting the KS3 show where the students could truly showcase their talent and hard work. The show has been rigorously rehearsed for five months, following after school and during lunch time rehearsals. The staff and students have willingly gave up copious amounts of time in order to make the show the best that it can be. Director of the show, Rebecca Wadsworth, has said: “My favourite part of the process was sitting down and watching the show, seeing how all the hard work has paid off. It’s very different to rehearsals; when it’s the live show, it’s down to them to make the show a success. Seeing their enjoyment makes you realise it’s all worth it. “It has been an opportunity to showcase the students’ talents and give them great experience in the performing arts sector.” Most of the students had never performed on the stage before so having an opportunity like this really gave the children a more rounded school experience. The beauty of being involved in one of these shows is that it teaches a sense of collectiveness, rather than just the individual – the students learn to work very much as a team. Alongside this, they have gained valuable theatre experience of how to perform professionally. Whether they were cast or part of the tech crew, every student was given ample opportunity to exercise new skills and learn more about how a theatre production is ran. Neil Warner, Head Teacher of Arthur Terry School also thoroughly enjoyed watching the show: “What a wonderful experience. It was fantastic to see so many of our students involved – their teamwork, collaboration and talent was outstanding.” The students loved participating in the show so much they even requested to perform for more nights. However, the show could not have gone on without special help from certain Y10 members. Rebecca Wadsworth has said: “We couldn’t have done the show without the Year 10 Student Directors; Hannah Farmer, Milly Alcock and Elliot Purlic. They attended every rehearsal, gave feedback to the cast when needed and helped with warm up every time. They were solely in charge of the singing, teaching the cast the tune and helping them learn their words. The commitment they showed was amazing, and they truly brought the cast together.” Well done to all of the KS3 students who participated in this year’s show of The Wizard of Oz!