Arthur Terry Students Get The Vote

Pupil Power! More than a thousand students from Arthur Terry have been casting their votes in a full-blown mock general election. The event – which was also attended by Conservatives and Labour candidates and saw 1,330 students take to the ballots – formed part of a series of events surrounding this year’s general election. Throughout the week, students heard the main party policies through daily assemblies, covering education, housing, the environment, the NHS and immigration. A-Level Government Politics students Will Bennett (Liberal Democrats), Sophie Harding (Labour), Dan Jones (Conservative), Nick Bond (UKIP) and Harry Plaistowe (The Green Party) advocated on behalf of their respective parties with clarity and vigour. Students continued to research party manifestos during daily form time activities. On polling day, students queued up excitedly at the ‘pop up’ polling station, confirming their names and addresses as per the genuine experience before casting their crosses in specially made privacy booths. Headteacher Neil Warner, said: “Our mock election events have enabled young people to understand the current issues that will face them in their future lives.” Sutton Coldfield Conservative and Labour candidates, Andrew Mitchell and Rob Pocock, attended the event with year 13, Daniel Jones, representing the Conservative party eventually coming out on top securing 29.8% of the vote. Councillor Rob Pocock (Lab, Sutton Vesey) said: “We want to engage more young people in politics and to reduce the voting age to 16 so that they can have their say about the issues that affect their lives. But we have got to make sure that the issues on the ballot paper are relevant to young people. “It’s encouraging to see Arthur Terry School working in collaboration with the local community on this initiative. I’ve met with some incredibly politically-minded students and it’s positive to see the next generation of voters are preparing for their future right here, today.” More information about our Mock Election can be found by visiting the ITV News website.