Parliament Trip for Politics Students

On the 14th January 2015 we three current Arthur Terry Sixth Form students – Beth Davies, Taylor Billings and Sophie Harding – had the privilege of accompanying Mrs Hurn on a trip to the Houses of Parliament to watch Prime Minister’s Questions Time. The opportunity was presented to us A.S Level Government and Politics students for our teachers, Mr Zarifeh and Miss Sedgwick, felt the three of us out of a class of just over 20, had particularly been working extremely hard in the first initial months of study with our attitude being exceptional and work and effort being outstanding. Needless to say, this came as a surprise to us and we were most grateful as the day did not disappoint! The snow showers we had the night before had us all hoping and praying the trip could still take place but thankfully the weather was on our side. The debates were lively, amusing, a benefit to our education with regards to the course and exciting! After Question Time ended, we were able to stay a while longer and watch a speech and a counter-speech given by the Home Secretary and the Shadow Home Secretary about the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack (a popular topic in the previous questions). The speeches were clear, and the debate that followed was interesting to watch, as different MP’s gave their opinions on new laws regarding the privacy of emails to protect people, in light of the terrorist attacks, were proposed. The day was extremely insightful and enabled us to see a form of Parliamentary scrutiny in action and really assess how effect the method is which will come in great use when answering questions in our forthcoming exams. The day was thoroughly entertaining and a real joy! Special thanks to Miss Hurn for her accompaniment and for making our trip so evermore delightful! Written by Taylor Billings, Beth Davies and Sophie Harding. Quote “It was a real privilege to spend the day with three wonderful ambassadors of the school and to see first-hand (at such a significant time of the political calendar), the passion, excitement and drama of this hotly contested feature of our parliamentary democracy” Laura Hurn, Assistant Headteacher.