Prize Pumpkins

Pupils enter into the spirit of Halloween with prize pumpkins! Imaginative students from the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership have been carving up some frightfully fangtastic sculptures this Halloween as part of a chilling competition that has seen them win a petrifying prize – in the shape of a book (or in this case, spook) token. The ATLP’s 4,500 plus students from Arthur Terry, Brookvale, Coleshill, Hill West, Mere Green, Slade, Stockland Green school, were asked to build an imaginative and entertaining Halloween sculpture out of a pumpkin. Schools were a-squash with entries and judges had the terrifying task of picking the winners. Wicked designs ranged from a pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin, feasting on a satsuma and even a pink pumpkin Cheshire Cat. Faith Melvin, year eight won the Secondary category for her Cannibal Pumpkin. With Isabella Smith, year four from Mere Green winning the Primary Category with her imaginative Pumpkin Carriage. Andrew Chaplin, assistant headteacher at the Arthur Terry School, said: “We had a huge crop of entries and were overwhelmed by the number and quality of children’s designs – it was tough to whittle these down to just a few. It was so pleasing to see students actively contribute with such enthusiasm and fun. The challenge did not revolve around technology but relied on them independently engaging and developing their creative and artistic skills.” “Congratulations to all of our dynamic students who entered into the spirit of teamwork and Halloween. Not only did they sink their teeth into the contest and meet a tight deadline, but their flair for design demonstrates young people’s ingenuity and an ability to think for themselves. It also helps that they enjoy a bit of fearsome fun and spooking a teacher or two!”