Refugee Crisis Workshops!

Between 3rd and 6th December 2016 British Red Cross’ Youth Education Co-ordinator, Anne-Marie Allen attended Arthur Terry School to deliver interactive workshops to hundreds of sixth form and lower school students regarding the global migration crisis. Students were provided a ‘safe space’ to explore their fears and anxieties, hopes and aspirations regarding one of the world’s most pressing crises. Students investigated why over a million people abandoned their home countries in search of safe haven or better economic opportunities for their families last year and imagined what they would do in similar circumstances. With 4000 men, women and children drowning in the Mediterranean last year attempting such crossings, it is crucial that Arthur Terry students of all ages engage with this complex global concern. Anne-Marie said of Arthur Terry students that, ‘they are amazing and some of the nicest students I have come across’. She added, ‘Arthur Terry is my favourite school to deliver in’. We look forward to welcoming the Red Cross and Anne-Marie again next year.