Rights Respecting School Award, call to solidarity!

The Rights Respecting School Award Steering group completed their first whole-school action last Friday 30th June. Committee members collated blue, red and white post it notes from year 7 students right through to the sixth form, displaying messages of empathy, support, defiance and encouragement to all people affected by the recent terror atrocities.

Following a series of assemblies exploring how we may best respond to unpredictable extremists acts, Arthur Terry students, young and old, plus staff members, shared personal messages of solidarity, quoted famous peacemakers and posted messages of commitment to fighting against all forms of prejudice and promoted solidarity over hatred.

This is the first of many events and actions set to take place in the coming academic year as we seek to achieve UNICEF, Rights Respecting School Awards status! Students should look out for a forthcoming homelessness awareness event in the first half-term after the summer break, watch this space!