October 2013

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Performing Arts In order to showcase a wider array of student’s talents the Performing Arts Faculty is delighted to announce a host of activities. Please see these below. There will also be lots of other opportunities as the year goes on. Please keep checking the newsletter and website for further updates. Extra-Curricular Clubs Day and Time Room Year Group KS3 Drama Club Thursday Lunchtimes DS2 KS3 Dance Wednesday Lunchtimes TBC Years 7 8 Big Sound Vocal Fest Monday Lunchtimes B1.3 Year 10 Upwards, for vocalists of any ability Arthur Terry Big Band Wednesday After School B1.3 All wind, Sax and Brass players of grade 2 and above Guitar Club Friday Lunchtimes B1.3 All Guitarists Keyboard Club Every day at lunchtime All Years Arthur Terry Funk and Soul Group Thursday After School Audition Based – See Mr Williams for further details The Speak Easy Blue Band Thursday 10th October B1.3 Audition Based Modern Foreign Languages Extra-Curricular Clubs Day and Time Room Year Group Foreign Film Club Monday Lunchtimes D1.2 All Years Spanish Speaking For Girls Monday Lunchtimes D1.4 Year 11 Girls French Drop-In Monday Lunchtimes D1.6 Year 11 Spanish Drop-In Tuesday Lunchtimes D1.4 Year 11 Language Challenge Club Wednesday Week 1 Only D1.6 All Years Spanish Speaking For Boys Wednesday Lunchtimes D1.4 Year 11 Boys Spanish Drop-In Wednesday Lunchtimes Week 1 Only D1.4 Year 9 German Club Thursday After School D1.5 All Years Spanish Drop-In Friday Lunchtimes D1.2 Year 12 English Extra-Curricular Clubs Day and Time Room Year Group KS3 Book Club Wednesday Lunchtimes Library Year 7 8 Creative Writing Club Monday Lunchtimes C2.7 Year 7 8 BBC School Report Club Coming Soon Gifted and Talented Years 7 8 Arthur Terry School Press Coming Soon Gifted and Talented Year 9 Physical Education Extra-Curricular Clubs Day and Time Room Year Group Football Monday Lunchtime Field Year 8 Basketball Monday Lunchtime Sports Hall Year 7 Hockey Monday After School All Weather Pitch All Years Netball Seniors Monday After School Sports Hall Years 10-13 Football Monday After School Field Year 7 8 Girls Fitness Suite Monday, Tuesday and Thursday After School Year 9-13 Football Tuesday Lunchtime Sports Hall Year 9 Football Tuesday After School Field Years 9, 10 11 Girls Rugby Tuesday After School Field Year 7 Boys Girls Table Tennis Wednesday Lunchtime Gym Years 7-10 Basketball Wednesday Lunchtime Sports Hall Year 8 9 Boys Girls Football Wednesday After School All Weather Pitch Year 7 Boys Netball Thursday Lunchtime Sports Hall Years 8 9 Badminton Thursday Lunchtime Gym Year 9 10 Netball Thursday After School Netball Courts Year 7 Football Thursday After School All Weather Pitch Year 11-13 Basketball Friday Lunchtime Sports Hall Years 10, 11, 12 13 Frisbee Friday After School Field All Years Other Clubs Extra-Curricular Clubs Day and Time Room Year Group Lego/Computer Club Monday Lunchtime B3.3 Year 7 Film Club Tuesday After School Library All Years Arthur Terry Radio Tuesday After School B2.2 All Years Green Power Car Club Wednesday After School E1.1/E1.11 All Years Tech Club Thursday After School Hall All Years Crafty Club Friday After School Library Year 7

YEAR 11 PARENTS INFORMATION EVENING Please be aware that the Year 11 Parents Information Evening has now been rescheduled to Monday 21st October at 6:00-8:00 pm. EXAMINATIONS We now have a dedicated page for exams information on the Arthur Terry website – please visit the page. We hope you will find it very useful. In additional to seasonal information you and your son/daughter will find documents from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) which includes all of the regulations pertaining to examinations. NOVEMBER 2013 EXAM SERIES (5th – 14th November) Students must be dressed in correct school uniform for examinations or they may not be permitted entry into the examination room. Please also ensure your child brings the correct equipment to school in a clear pencil case, i.e. black pen (not a gel pen), pencil, ruler, rubber, maths equipment and a scientific calculator. Mobile phones are not permitted in the exam hall and the school cannot take responsibility in the case of loss or damage. Students are to arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled start time of all timetabled examinations to facilitate a prompt start. Morning exams start at 9:00 am. Upon receipt of personalised examination timetables students are to check them carefully and if there are any discrepancies or queries go to the Exams Office immediately. Students are to check the Exam Notice Board (located next to the dining hall) on the day of the exam for final confirmation of the room and seat number. If in doubt regarding anything to do with examinations go to the Exams Office for clarification. JUNE 2014 EXAM SERIES (12th May – 24th June) Re-sit forms are now available from the Exams Office, 6th Form Centre and on the school website. The re-sit deadline is Thursday 13th March 2014 – please note re-sit forms will not be accepted without the subject leader signature and either full payment or ParentPay receipt. YEAR 10 CITIZENSHIP CONTROLLED ASSESSMENTS There are Year 10 Citizenship controlled assessment catch up sessions take place every Thursday after school between 3.25 – 4.30 pm in room C1.8 with either Mr Zarifeh and/or Mr Foster. Please encourage your child to attend these. YEAR 11 ENGLISH REVISION SESSIONS Year 11 will be taking their English GCSE exam on Tuesday 5th November and there will be revision sessions taking place over the coming weeks in order to support them. We strongly recommend that students attend at least one session each week and they should come to the English corridor (C2) where they will be directed to the appropriate room. Please find the timetable below and remind your child to attend: Every Tuesday – 8:00-8.30 am – Reading Paper skills – Higher and Foundation Every Thursday – 8:00-8.30 am – Writing Paper skills – Higher and Foundation YEAR 11 DANCE REVISION SESSIONS Year 11 A/A* Dance target group meetings at lunch times; Monday 21st October Monday 11th October Monday 25th November Year 11 Steps to Success target group meetings at lunch times; Monday 14th October Monday 4th November Monday 18th November YEAR 12 13 BIOLOGY REVISION SESSIONS Year 12 and 13 Biology revision drop in sessions will begin every Wednesday at 3:30 pm from Wednesday 16th October in room D2.5 and D2.4. They last between 30-40 minutes. YEAR 11 ART WORKSHOPS The first “Drawing Master Class” is invite only and is up and running. However the others are all optional to all YEAR 11 Art students to sign up to. The sign up sheet is in B3 corridor and run all the way up to Christmas. YEAR 7 WRITING AND ILLUSTRATING On Friday 18th October the wacky and inspiring writing and illustrating duo the Etherington Brothers are visiting school to perform their Heroes and Villains show to Year 7 students – designed to help unlock students creative free thinking in word and art. This is part of a Library and English Department initiative to encourage reading for pleasure and develop students creative writing skills. Please take a look at their web site. NEW EVENTS IN ENGLISH KS3 master class coming soon. How it works: Your teacher will nominate you to become the master of a topic. An invite will be sent to you and your parents/ carers. You will attend the master class on a Wednesday after school for 1 hour. In the next English lesson you will do a starter activity on your topic. You will be the class master! KS3 Reading Challenge Read a book at home. Get your parents/carers to put a note in your planner (which book and signature). Tell your teacher and you will be rewarded with 2 praise points. Your teacher will make a note of the books read by the class. At the end of the half term these will be added up and the class with the most books read will win a prize!! YEAR 10 WORK EXPERIENCE Work Experience next year will commence on Monday 30th June – Friday 11th July 2014 inclusive. Whether your child leaves at the end of Year 11 or continues at Arthur Terry in the Sixth Form they will inevitably decide on a career path and work experience can sometimes help young people with that decision making process. Work experience is mandatory and forms part of the curriculum in year 10, but more than that it gives young people an opportunity to find out what it’s like to go to work. Expectations for students and for employers vary greatly but students who benefit the most are the ones who are able to secure placements in an environment which is completely different to school presenting new and different challenges. Communication between school, the employer and yourselves is vital to make this work best for your child. In the meantime you are strongly recommended to encourage and support your child with securing a work placement by approaching employers as soon as possible. We have spoken to all of the students in year 9 during an assembly where they have been given a booklet to help with the process, a copy of which is available; to see a copy please Click here. This year the school has set a deadline for finding a placement as Friday 20th December 2013. Please submit your child’s work experience by completing the on-line form which has been emailed home to you. Reminders will be sent out on a regular basis via email. If you would prefer a paper copy please contact Mrs Humphrey’s. If you are having difficulty finding a placement or have any queries please contact Jane Humphrey’s on jhumphreys@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk or 0121 323 2221 (ext. 2227). CAREERS, INFORMATION, ADVICE AND GUIDANCE EVENING 2013 A Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance Evening is taking place at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall on Tuesday 15th October 2013 at 4.30 – 8.00 pm. The aim of the event is to support and encourage career aspirations and to raise awareness about the wide range of courses on offer across the Sutton Coldfield schools and the Birmingham Metropolitan College. Local universities, other colleges, training bodies and employers will all be represented and this will be a really useful opportunity for you to gain access to expert careers information and advice from a variety of sources. Please note that Years 8,9,10 and 11 pupils must attend with a parent. No admission will be granted to pupils attending on their own or with older siblings. We look forward to welcoming you at the Town Hall on Tuesday 15th October 2013. However, Year 12 and Year 13 students may come independently, without their parents, if you are unable to attend. MUSIC INSTRUMENTAL TUITION The Arthur Terry School has a dedicated team of 14 Specialist Qualified visiting instrumental teachers from The Birmingham Music Service. Lessons take place in the Music Department every week during the academic year. The school guarantees to provide a minimum of 30 lessons. They usually last for 25 minutes each and are arranged on a rota basis so that students do not have to miss the same lesson every week. The school subsidises a large proportion of the tuition costs and parental contributions make up the remainder. The current annual charge to parents is set at a discounted rate of £180.00, where students receive lessons for 20-25 minutes in small groups up to a maximum of four. Fees can also be paid termly at a cost of £65.00 per term. For full details of the subsidised instrumental tuition contract and the associated costs, Please click here. Tuition is available on the following instruments: Strings – Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar Woodwind – Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Bassoon Brass – Trumpet, Cornet, Tenor Horn, French Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Tuba Keyboard, Drum kit, Singing, Dhol If your child is interested in starting instrumental lessons, please email music@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk and they will be added to our waiting list. DATA CHECKING SHEETS Parents are reminded that Student Data checking sheets must be returned to school as soon as possible. It is particularly important to have this information because the Learning Resource Service requires correct data to enable them to allocate a Pupil Learner Number (PLN) which, as students move through their educational journey will remain with them recording their verified academic achievements. For further information please contact our Reception. FREE SCHOOL MEALS If you think you may be eligible for free school meals please contact finance@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk for an application form. The biometric fingerprint system in the dining hall enables students to receive the allowance without being identified from those who do not, so there is no stigma attached when receiving this benefit. Not only is it quick and easy for you and your child, school will also receive additional funding to support your child’s education. We urge you to enquire either by email or alternatively telephone school to seek further advice. SIXTH FORM BURSARY If you think you may be eligible for a Sixth Form bursary please contact sixthform@arthurterry.bham.sch.uk for an application form. Alternatively, application forms are now available to collect from the Sixth Form Centre. If you’re annual household income is below £25K or you are disabled receiving Employment Support Allowance Disability Living Allowance you may be eligible. Further criteria are also available, so please contact Sixth Form to discuss further.