Sixth Form Theatre Workshop On Safe Driving

On Tuesday 14th November all of the Sixth Form had the opportunity to watch a powerful drama and participate in a workshop afterwards, to give them a better understanding of the fragility of life when behind the wheel of a car. The show was brought to us by the New Vic Borderlines production company in partnership with West Midlands Fire Service. It was by turn moving, funny and dramatic and gave us a strong message about the importance of safe driving.

The play centred around Daniel, Hannah and Elsie who are friends at college studying A-levels. Daniel has received great grades and is going to uni. Daniel and Hannah have been in a relationship for nearly 2 years. Life is everything it should be for these young people until the night before he leaves to go to university…
A disproportionate number of young people are killed and seriously injured on Britain’s roads each year: 17-24 year old drivers account for only 3-5% of car miles driven, but make up almost a quarter of drivers killed with many young people being seriously injured. Around 22% of all collisions that took place on the roads last year involved at least one young driver.

We felt that with so many of our Sixth Formers beginning to learn to drive or having recently passed their tests, this message needed to be relayed to them. We hope they enjoyed the show and will think about the choices they make when they get behind the wheel. Please drive safely: wear your seatbelts, turn down your music and switch off your mobile phones.