Sixth formers attend Anti-Hate Crime Conference.

On Tuesday 22nd November the year 12 Government Politics students spent the afternoon in the Birmingham City Council Chamber participating in an anti-hate crime workshop and debate hosted by BCC cabinet member for Transparency, Openness and Equality, Waseem Zaffar. A handful of schools from across Birmingham’s cultural backgrounds and age groups were personally invited to participate in the workshop delivered by anti-islamophobia charity, ‘TellMAMA’, as well as to find out about some of the workings of local government. A number of Arthur Terry sixth formers contributed to the debate with Lily Barker the standout orator. With a 14% national spike in hate crime, post-Brexit vote, the event was a timely reminder of the need for us all to remain vigilant and stand in solidarity with communities susceptible to hate crime. Birmingham City Council Leader, John Clancy also took part in the event and praised the students for their active engagement with this pressing issue.