Students Step into Headteachers’ Shoes’

Recently, Nicola Sturgeon has been made the first female Scottish First Minister and is The Herald’s Scottish Politician of the Year. Even though she had a setback, namely the loss of the referendum, it is not stopped her from achieving her aspirations. She is still striving for a stronger Scotland and wishes to unite the people of her country going into 2015. This steely determination is also reflected amongst the staff and students in the Arthur Terry community on a daily basis. As headteachers for a day, we have realised how privileged we are to have the support that we do across the curriculum. It has been an inspirational experience to see the amount of passion and hard work that goes into making Arthur Terry a place where everyone achieves. Yours faithfully, Hannah Cook and Will Kirby Headteachers (for a day) We are always trying to offer our students a varied time at Arthur Terry and to ensure they have as many opportunities available to them. A large part of this is through our Student Leadership Programme, whereby students from all year groups can help to have a say on aspects of school life. We were delighted to be joined on Friday 21st November by Hannah Cook and William Kirby, Year 10 students, who were our ‘Headteachers for the Day’. They joined us for Leadership Group Meetings, observed different lessons and undertook various duties to try to gain an insight into different aspects of school life. Neil Warner and Richard Gill Headteachers