The Anne Frank Trip That Inspired Everyone

The workings of Anne Frank on her diary inspired everyone. By Josh Warwick and Sam Nicholson On Wednesday 24th June 2015, a group of year 8 history students from Arthur Terry took part in a trip to the Millennium Point to see the Anne Frank exhibit. We learnt about the story of Anne Frank, and the part she played in WW2. It was fascinating to learn about how she lived as a Jew in Nazi Germany. “The exhibit was really good and inspired everyone.” Sam said, after the trip. A large proportion of the trip was used to describe what Nazi Germany was like through the eyes of a Jew. Anne Frank’s diary was an inspiration for everyone and was translated into 60 languages. We saw the gas canisters that Hitler used to kill the Jews. The trip was really enjoyable and we saw many quotes around the exhibition from Anne Frank and it is important that we learn about key individuals through history.