AS and A-Level Re Sits (Summer 2019)

Re-Sit information for Summer 2019 will be made available by the end of October 2019.

Certificates (Summer 2018)

CURRENT STUDENTS  Summer 2018 certificates will be made available for collection from Monday 10th December. Please come to the Exams Office (B2.11) to collect your certificates at the following times: Tutor time Break time Lunch time Once you have received your certificates, please check your personal details and the grades. If your grade has changed

Exam Notices

Update to follow shortly  

Exam Policies

Update to follow shortly

Exam Preparation

Tips & Guidance Exam Equipment Checklist Help to understand and combat Exam Stress Information about Family Lives Exam Stress Information about NHS Exam Stress

Exam Qualifications

  2018/2019 Update to follow   2017/2018 Qualification Information

Post Result Enquiries (Summer 2019)

Further information on the post results services, will be made available in July 2019  

Results Day 2019

  AS/A-LEVEL Results Day (Year 12 and Year 13): Thursday 15th August 2019       GCSE Results Day (Year 10 and Year 11): Thursday 22nd August 2019  

Results Day Preparation

The exam season is now over and preparations are being made for results day. Here are some vital information for both parents/carers and students: Year 13 Please click on the link below for advice and guidance on what steps to take once you receive your results: UCAS: Results Day Preparation Year 13 Results Day Guidance

Summer 2019 – Exam Dates

  EXAM CONTINGENCY DAY The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) have announced a contingency day for the summer exams series 2019. The date that has been set aside as the ‘contingency day’ is WEDNESDAY 26TH JUNE 2019.  The contingency day for ALL external examinations has been put in place “in the event of widespread, sustained

Trial Exams

Read an article by The Guardian newspaper about Why Trial Exams Are Great For Students’ Brains. The Trial exams are conducted according to the regulations set out by the Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ) so students can familiarise themselves with the correct procedure ready for their external exams in the summer. For more information on