Home School Agreement

As a student I will:

  1. Attend school, arrive on time and ensure I am dressed in the correct uniform.
  2. Follow reasonable instructions by school staff and follow school and class room rules.
  3. Report any incidents of violence, threatening behaviour, abuse, discrimination or harassment.
  4. Be mindful of the impact my behaviour can have on others.
  5. Be on time to all lessons with essential equipment and ready to learn.
  6. Show respect and co-operation to all members of school community.
  7. Have respect for the work, property and privacy of others.
  8. Complete class work, coursework and homework to the best of my ability and to meet deadlines given to me.
  9. Contribute positively to learning conversations with my tutor and use this opportunity to report any problems or concerns I may have.
  10. Take responsibility for my personal belongings.
  11. Not bring into school any dangerous, illegal or valuable items.
  12. Take pride in the school and protect the environment by not dropping litter or damaging school property.
  13. Behave in a sensible manner during break, lunchtimes and when travelling to and from school.
  14. Follow the schools code of conduct at all times and act in a way, which will bring credit to myself, my family and my school.
  15. Co-operate with any arrangements that are made to support my behaviour and learning.

We recognise that mobile phones are part of everyday life for many students and can be an effective tool for communication. Students who bring their phones into school, must follow staff instructions when in the classroom so that they are used responsibly. Mobile phones should not be used in any manner or place that is disruptive to the normal routine of the school. The school takes no responsibility for such items should they get damaged, lost or stolen.

Home School Agreement 2017