Primary School Liaison
One of our school aims is to have a smooth transition from Key Stage 2 to 3. To ensure continuity and progression and build upon what students have learnt in primary school, our Induction Team will work closely with our primary/ junior school colleagues. We will visit your child in their own junior school and offer the opportunity to spend a day with us. You will be invited to come and meet us as well.

Reporting Student Absence
For your convenience, when reporting student absence from school you can either contact the Attendance Coordinator on 0121 323 2221, Option 1 or email the school at Parents/carers are reminded that absence MUST be reported before 8.45am every day the student is absent.

Travel to School
Some children travel on the train, or by other public transport. The school emphasises road and rail safety and the need for good behaviour on the way to and from school. Parents are asked to make very clear to their children the standards they and the school require. Children are legally responsible for their own safety at this age as they travel to and from school.

Collecting students during School Hours for Medical/Dental appointments
We are aware that parents on occasion need to collect students for medical/dental appointments. Where possible we would ask that appointments during school hours are avoided, however should you need to attend an appointment, please can you follow the procedure below in order that students are available to leave school promptly.

  • Please notify the school via email or in a letter which MUST be handed to reception for the attention of the attendance coordinator and MUST include the date and time of the appointment.
  • Please also issue the student with a letter to show the class teacher if they will be leaving a lesson early.
  • Students must be met by a named contact in reception where they will be issued with a signing out slip. Students will only be allowed to leave school with a named contact unless other arrangements have been communicated to school via a letter, email or phone call and the school is satisfied with this. All students must be collected by an adult.

Religious Studies
The Arthur Terry School is nondenominational and welcomes students of all races and religions. Our Religious Studies Courses comply with the Education Acts.

Sex & Relationships Education Policy
The Government legislation on sex education in schools indicates that all sex education should be in the context of family life and/or scientific education. The Governors fully support this and recommend it as part of the curriculum for all children. Our programme is taught as part of the PSHE and science curriculum, which should help develop personal moral values and mutual respect, thereby preparing children for family life in the community.

The reward system runs in parallel with the behaviour policy and is displayed in a pyramid format. The Praise Pyramid encourages active and direct involvement of all staff and students at The Arthur Terry School. The system allows for all students regardless of ability, gender or age to be given the opportunity to operate within the rewards framework. Central to the rewards philosophy is the expectation that all teachers will praise students, including contacting parents, as a matter of routine. Such spontaneous day-today praise is a key factor in motivating students and establishing a positive climate for learning.

Mobile Phones
We recognise that mobile phones are part of everyday life for many students and can be an effective tool for communication. Students who bring their phones into school, must follow staff instructions when in the classroom so that they are used responsibly. Mobile phones should not be used in any manner or place that is disruptive to the normal routine of the school. The school takes no responsibility for such items should they get damaged, lost or stolen.

The Arthur Terry School takes pride in its effective discipline policies. The school relies upon each individual student following a responsible code of behaviour as well as specific school rules. Similarly, parents are advised that verbal abuse and intimidation of anyone will not be tolerated. By far, the best method of encouraging good behaviour and high standards of effort and attainment is through recognition and praise; the school has developed a system of rewards to this end. The school’s code of conduct is available on request. At times students are required to do detention after school for up to 30 minutes. Please refer to Go4Schools or your child’s planner for details.

School Uniform
Every student below Sixth Form level wears school uniform and is expected to dress in accordance with the school rules. To prevent variation in colour and style items should be obtained from the nominated suppliers.

Clive Mark
11-13 Boldmere Road,
Sutton Coldfield,
B73 5UY

School Uniform Update 2018

Citizenship & PSHE
At Arthur Terry education in Citizenship and Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) is recognised as a necessary part of a young person’s full education entitlement. Citizenship education is about helping young people understand the rights and responsibilities they have as members of society. Through PSHE we aim to promote students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare them for the opportunities and experiences of life.

School Lunch/Breakfast
A school breakfast, at a reasonable price, is available to students from 8.00 am to 8.40 am. Students who have school lunch choose from an extensive cafeteria menu whilst provision is also made for students to stay in school for a sandwich lunch. Years 7 to 11 children are required to stay on site at lunchtimes.

Fidget Spinners
Click Here to view the school policy on fidget spinners.

The School Day

Registration 8.50am – 9.10am
Period 1 9.10am – 10.10am
Period 2 10.10am – 11.10am
Break 11.10am – 11.30am
Movement Bell 11.25am
Period 3 11.30am – 12.30pm
Lunch 12.30 – 1.05pm
Movement Bell 1.00pm
Period 4 1.05pm – 2.05pm
Period 5 2.05pm – 3.05pm