Leave In Term Spotlight On Attendance

Academic Year Arthur Terry National
2016/2017 95.49%
2015/2016 95.45%
2014/2015 95.3% 94.8%
2013/2014 94.9% 94.9%

Parents/carers have a legal duty to ensure their child attends School in a fit state to learn and to contact the School on the first day of absence. It is the parent’s/carers responsibility to make sure children attend every day and on time. In the event of an absence parents/carers must contact the school each day of the absence providing the reason by 8.45am by phone or by email providing the reasons for absence.

The school operates an automated text messaging system called GROUPCALL. If your child is not in school and we have no reason for absence then you will receive the following message ‘Student “Forename” did not register at school his morning. Please reply with a reason’.

If your child has a prolonged period of absence (between 3 and 5 days) a Doctor’s note/medical evidence (such as prescription) is required. In the event of longer term absence due to illness or underlying medical condition, parents/carers must contact their child’s Progress Leader and/or the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) for Attendance, to discuss this.

For known absences parents/carers must complete an Absence from School request form 8 weeks prior to the known absence. In the event a child is late after 9.30am parents/carers are required to provide a reason for lateness.

Where possible, parents are required to arrange appointments outside of school hours, e.g. dentist, doctor. If this is not possible, parents should notify the school by email or by telephone 0121 323 2221 leaving a message on the absence line prior to the appointment. Parents are required to provide a copy of the Appointment Card or letter.

The law requires parents to make sure their children receive full-time education suitable to their needs. As a last resort, schools and the Education Authority (EA) have legal powers to deal with poor attendance. The education Act 1996 Section 444 (1) states that “if a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, his parent is guilty of an offence”. If parents or carers fail to provide a reason for why their child is not in school this will be recorded as an ‘unauthorised’ absence which may lead to a penalty notice and fine.

It is the responsibility of all our staff, parents/carers and students to ensure good attendance and punctuality to School. Our Designated Liaison Person for attendance will review attendance information every day. Regular communication will be sent home to ensure that parents are kept up to date where there are concerns and parental meetings will take place where deemed necessary. Staff will follow school procedures and work closely with parents to improve attendance

Holidays In Term Time
The Headteacher will not authorise Leave of Absence for family holidays and trips during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Requests for Leave of Absence should be made by completing an application form available from the school office and returned for the attention of the designated liaison person.

Students are expected to arrive on time every day to school by 8.45am for registration. Students should Students who arrive after 8.45am are ‘late’ and must sign in at reception. Students who are late three times will receive a lunchtime detention and parents will be notified via text message.