Ethos & Values

Arthur Terry School – Where Everyone Achieves


The Arthur Terry School is committed to providing outstanding teaching & learning in an environment that enables individuals to gain the highest possible academic and personal achievements. The school actively supports the development of social responsibility & self worth.

Our Aims

  • To create a stimulating environment in which individuals achieve their highest possible attainable academic standards through outstanding learning & teaching.
  • To foster a culture of learning independence through the ‘Arthur Terry Learner’ philosophy.
  • To work with, and then build upon the achievement of our partner primary schools.
  • To maintain, a disciplined, enthusiastic, safe, happy and caring community.
  • To broaden cultural and aesthetic horizons whilst celebrating individuality.
  • To develop the whole child by creating a full programme of additional enrichment opportunities.
  • To raise the expectation of all through mutual respect and shared responsibility.
  • To develop positive, personal, social, moral and spiritual growth and respect for different beliefs and ways of life.
  • To develop a partnership of parents, staff, students, governors and outside agencies working for everyone’s benefit.