Andrew Platt


Why did you want to become a Governor at Arthur Terry?
My youngest child receives exceptional support from the school, both in lesson time and in extra-curricular activities. I wanted to give something back in order to show how much that support is valued. It’s also good to make a contribution in a community like Sutton, where I’ve lived most of my life.

What skills and attributes do you have that you bring to your role as Governor?
My day job includes some of the legal aspects of governance, although these are usually only significant where the governing body either disagrees internally or gets something badly wrong! I hope that my knowledge isn’t required in either of these situations (or that I can help to prevent them happening).

As a parent with children in other local secondary schools, I have the opportunity to compare and contrast what the schools do, which may mean I can help to share best practice.

What do you enjoy most about being a Governor?
Seeing the dedication and commitment of everyone involved in caring for all the students and getting the best possible outcomes for them.