Pupil Premium

At the Arthur Terry School we pride ourselves in providing outstanding care, guidance, support and teaching to all of our students. To help secure this for our most vulnerable students we receive pupil premium funding.

What is Pupil Premium funding?
Arthur Terry School has been allocated £153,340 of pupil premium funding for the academic year 2016-2017. The pupil premium value is allocated based on the number of students who are entitled to free school meals (or have received free school meals in the last 6 years) and also the number of students in care. At the January 2016 Census this was 164 students in total.

What have we used the funding for?
During the last year this pupil premium funding has been allocated to provide:

  • Targeted support to raise attainment across all key stages through additional staffing.
  • Provide coaching and mentoring to raise aspirations, improve attendance and support emotional well being through the ECM (Every Child Matters) team
  • Additional staff are allocated to provide one-to-one and targeted small group tuition for students in core subject areas.
  • To provide financial support for extra-curricular activities to ensure eligible students have the opportunity to develop their social and team-building skills
  • Purchase resources and equipment where necessary to remove barriers to learning

What has been the impact of this funding?
Impact on results (attainment and progress)
As a result of the targeted support children received through our pupil premium funding, overall student results at GCSE have been consistently high with 88%  achieving A*-C in English and Maths, demonstrating that students achieve well above the national average (56%). The performance of students receiving pupil premium is significantly above the national average too and we are working hard to ensure the gap between students who do and do not receive the pupil premium is reduced. In the last five years the gap in performance for the headline measure of A*-C inc. English and Maths  has reduced from 28% to 24%. This is now below the national gap of 26%.

Impact on attendance
Increased funding for our ECM team has enabled staff to carry out home visits and family support which has resulted in improved attendance figures for our pupil premium students.

Coaching and Mentoring
Pupil Premium funding contributes to the funding of an ECM (Every Child Matters) team member to provide coaching and mentoring for vulnerable students to ensure they are supported both academically and emotionally.

Progress in Maths and English
Funding has been used to provide support for students to ensure they make continuous progress and achieve the grades they are capable of in Maths and English. This was achieved through the provision of reduced classes sizes with additional staffing and support in these essential core subjects. Student support is targeted to ensure all students (including pupil premium students) of all abilities are making their expected levels of progress from Year 7 onwards.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Music lessons have been part-funded, Year 7 students have attended the Aberdovey Outward Bound Trip, Year 9 students have attended the Ullswater Outward Bound Trip, Year 11 have visited to Cambridge University, Praise and Motivation Breakfasts and a range of other activities to support student development and progress e.g. Gifted and Talented programme.

Resources and equipment
Purchase of ICT equipment, revision guides, textbooks, transport arrangements, school uniform, PE kits and breakfasts  to support student progress, attendance and development. The funding allocated for 2014-2015 will continue to support students in similar ways as identified above to ensure all of students receive outstanding teaching, care, guidance, and support.