Staff Financial Regulations & Responsibilities 2017 – 2018

Please read the guidance below with respect to financial regulations and responsibilities. If you have any questions please refer them to your finance/office manager.

After reading the financial regulations and responsibilities please undertake the following process by Friday 20th October 2017:-.

  • Complete your name and school email address.
  • Select your school from the drop down menu.
  • Tick the declaration box.
  • Click on ‘NO’ if you have no interests to declare as outlined in the guidance.
  • Click on ‘YES’ if you have interests to declare as outlined in the guidance.  Include details of your interests in the box supplied.
  • Click on ‘SUBMIT’

In accordance with the ATLP Finance Policy and Procedures you will find included within this document details regarding our partnership financial regulations, which MUST be adhered to. These regulations are compliant with the DfE Academies Financial Handbook 2017.

The Chief Executive Officer is the Trust’s Accounting Officer. The Accounting Officer has a number of personal responsibilities for ensuring regularity, propriety, compliance, proper use of public funds and value for money.

Declaration of Interests – Applicable to ALL Staff

You must declare to the Headteacher any interests you have which could conflict with the interests of the school/partnership or affect your judgement as an employee. Such interest may be financial, business related, ownership of property, relationship with a member of staff, Governor or Trustee, membership of external bodies or any other factor that could be construed as a personal interest. Failure to disclose such an interest could result in disciplinary action.


All purchases (including those using the Purchase Card) must be made by completion of a Purchase Order Request form, which should be submitted to the finance officer. Please use the ATLP P.O. template which is available from your finance office.

Purchase orders must clearly indicate:

  • the budget to be charged
  • be signed by the designated budget holder and Headteacher/Senior leadership link
  • value for money has been considered

It is critical that Staff must not make purchases direct with a supplier. The Purchase Order route through your Finance Office is essential.

If for any reason you do need to order/purchase direct from a supplier, your request must first be approved by the Headteacher. Such orders will only be approved in exceptional circumstances.

  • Staff must not take personal advantage of any discount arrangements the school has with suppliers
  • Purchases for personal use are not allowed using the school purchase ordering system

The deadline for placing purchase orders during this academic year is 8th June 2018.

  • Purchases up to £7,500 – catalogue price lists or oral quotations
  • Purchases from £7,501 to £50,000 – three written quotations
  • Above £50,000 and up to EU thresholds, four quotes


If you require in-house catering for a school event, an order form must be completed and signed by your school’s designated Budget Holder.

Staff Reimbursements

Staff must not purchase goods and seek reimbursement unless pre-authorised by the budget holder. Such purchases will be minimal. A ‘Reimbursement Request’ pro forma must be lodged with the Finance/Office Manager in advance of any purchase. There is no petty cash facility available.

Receipts must be provided and signed by the budget holder to approve reimbursement. The Business Manager/Headteacher must sign to approve any reimbursements in excess of £100.

Collection of Cash

All of our schools operate a cashless system. All staff must avoid accepting cash and cheques directly from students.

Budget Monitoring

Budget holders will be advised of their budget allocation in the Autumn term each financial year. Budgets will not be allowed to overspend; careful budget planning is essential.

  • Budget allocations are for the period 1st September – 31st August each year
  • Budget holders will receive budget statements on a half termly basis, where possible

Asset Register

  • Occasional spot checks of assets will be carried out by a member of the ATLP Finance team.
  • All staff have a responsibility to exercise care of school assets. Loss or damage of any school assets MUST be reported to the Headteacher immediately.
  • All valuable equipment purchases should be security marked.
  • Any equipment removed from the school site other than ICT equipment already signed for, must be signed out and back in.
  • Disposal of assets must be recorded and authorised by the Headteacher and Governing Body.

Business Gifts and Hospitality

Any gifts accepted or rejected must be recorded in the Gifts Register, kept in the Office/ Finance office.

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Staff Financial Regulations & Responsibilities 2017 - 2018